SmallSEOTools: 10 Great Reasons why you’ll Love This Text Editor

Text editors are the best platforms for writers who want to create new or old text for free. We have shifted to multiple word processing software programs like MS word and word pad for the last twenty years or so. It is true that preparing and editing files are quite fun and easier with these word processing software programs but not all of us can install them or use them on any device we want. This is because almost all of these word processors are paid so you cannot use them for free for more than a few days. Moreover, these software programs are extremely large in size and so they can consume a lot of space on your systems and make them slow.

As technology is advancing, we are moving towards the use of online utilities which are free and don’t need to be installed. One of the examples of these utilities is the modern text editor. There are hundreds of text editor tools on the internet but not all of them are helpful for writers. This is why we have picked one of the best ones and have listed out the ten great reasons why you would love this text editor.

Text Editor by SmallSEOTools

The free text editor tool by smallseotools is one out of hundreds of free utilities offered by the website. Anyone can use this text editor without any restrictions or intricate procedures. You don’t even have to learn how to edit the text to use this online text editor and you can easily learn by yourself by simply looking at the interface of the plain text editor. There are tons of features that would make you fall in love with this editor and before listing those out we would like to throw some light on the working steps of the tool!

  • First, you have to navigate the tool on your browser which is a very easy step.
  • After opening the tool you have to use the copy-paste technique to enter the text in the tool that you want to edit. You can also upload files from your local storage, dropbox and even Google drive.
  • After entering the text you can use the toolkit of the editor to make changes as per your requirements.
  • After completing the editing process you can simply save or download the edited file with a single click or touch!

Ten reasons to use this text editor tool!

If you are wondering why you should use the text editor tool by smallseotools then you should simply read the top ten features of it. Reading the key features would give you enough reasons to go with this utility!

  1. Free to use

The most important reason why you should use this text editor is that it is available for free. As we have told you earlier that not all of us can afford paid editing tools like MS Word so using free tools like this one can help you save a lot of your expenses!

  1. Text editing Toolbar

You must know that you cannot only create new text with this tool but you can also use the editing bar to make changes in the already written text. There are many features in the toolbar which would make you forget all the premium paid tools. Some of the famous options that you would find in this toolbar are undoing, redo, underline, bold, print margin, font style, font size and much more!

  1. Easy to use

Online text editor tools are usually not that easy to use but this text editor by smallseotools has a simple and easy-going interface that would teach you how to operate it without any practice!

  1. Fast editing

Another good reason to use this text editor is that it is very quick in its working. You can edit and change a file in a matter of minutes if you have this tool. The editing procedure is fast and free of all kinds of errors.

  1. Universal compatibility

Another important reason for using this text editor is that it is compatible with almost every device. You would just need a browser to use this tool on any of your devices.

  1. Check for grammatical issues

After editing text with the text editor you can also check it for grammatical mistakes of all sorts. The grammar checker tool is directly connected with the text editor.

  1. Check for plagiarism

A very interesting feature of this plagiarism checker is that it can easily help you in scanning the text for duplication errors. The plagiarism check made by this tool is very reliable.

  1. Preview and printing of files

This text editor tool also allows a user to preview the edited text in full-screen mode. Furthermore, if you are satisfied with the layout and everything then you can also print the text directly from the interface of the tool!

  1. Multiple documents saving option

Another valid reason to use this text editor is that it allows you to save/download the edited text in word or PDF version with a single click!

  1. Check paraphrase feature

This feature of the text editor can help you find out if the input text has been paraphrased or spun!

You should know that this online text editor tool is the perfect utility for all sorts of users including bloggers, students, teachers, social media experts, content writers and even developers!

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