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Bad Back? Try These 6 Pain-Easing Steps

Year-on year around the world, a bad back is the number one reason for days off work. Humans aren’t sedentary animals; our ancestors are hunters and gatherers built for running and standing. But today, most of us work and travel sitting down. And what do we do when we get home from work? We sit on the couch and watch TV. We’ll, here are some tips to shake up your lifestyle and ease that bad back. Try a standing desk Flimsy chairs and long days spent hunched over a computer screen are some of the ways working in an office can impact your health. So if you work 9-5 (or longer) sitting down, ask your boss to invest in an ergonomic chair. Stand up and take breaks walking around every half hour. Or better yet, try a standing desk which can attach to your existing desk. Your employer should also…