3 Reasons to Start Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most common and one of the healthiest drinks as well. But why is it that green tea is so beneficial to your body and why is it that you should start drinking it as well? We have gathered some of best reasons to start drinking tea – so read on if you want to find out more.

It Is Rejuvenating

Sure, you will not drop 10 years off your back by drinking one cup of tea. But you can definitely delay aging and everything that comes with it by drinking green tea on a regular basis. The reason this is not just pure “sorcery”, but an actual fact is related to the fact that green tea is one of the natural ingredients that is richest in anti-oxidants. These little miracle-workers have the power of keeping your cells young and of warding off a wide range of diseases too – including cancer, for example.

And if you’re in doubt, look at the Japanese and how they always drink green tea. For them, this beverage is just like coffee for Europeans and Americans – but the effects of drinking green tea are much more beneficial. The Japanese live longer, are healthier and look younger – and one of the reasons they do so is related precisely to their tea-infused culture.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Again, you cannot expect miracles from a mere cup of tea. However, you can expect it to work marvelously when it comes to putting your body at work and making it drop those extra-pounds. A cup of green tea can help you digest food better, it can help you hydrate yourself better and it can be a great replacement for soda for those who don’t like plain water.

Of course, working out and eating healthy are always the magical ingredients in any kind of weight loss process – but green tea can also be a pretty good helper and it can make the entire process easier too.

It Is Energizing

Green tea is just like coffee. It contains caffeine, but it is not as harmful as coffee (mostly because it provides the body with a series of other benefits, including the aforementioned anti-oxidants, for example).

If coffee is just not your thing or if you have decided to quit it and be healthier, switch to green tea. Unsweetened green tea is the best because you will not add extra sugars to your body – but if you want to, you can sweeten it with honey or other non-sugar sweeteners that will make the slightly bitter taste of green tea a bit sweeter and more palatable.

All in all, green tea can bring tremendous benefits in your life – so we say that it is more than worth giving it a try. Inexpensive, almost miraculous and with a wide range of advantages and health-related benefits, green tea can actually change your life for the best and make you healthier and happier in your own body!

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