Top 5 Health Insurance Secrets

Politics have made healthcare a greater nightmare than it has ever been in the United States. The ACA was a disaster, thankfully it’s on the way out—but it’s not gone yet. What you want to do is look for health insurance coverage you can afford. Following are several tips to help.

1: Alternative Solutions

Many don’t realize there are still quite a few healthcare solutions that aren’t of the ACA variety. In the Christian community, many use Medi-Share, which can cut monthly healthcare costs in half. If you were paying $1k for healthcare every month, you might save $6k a year with such a solution.

Other groups characterize additional healthcare solutions across the market. If your current healthcare costs are too high, start looking for less expensive solutions. Most healthcare expenses have an artificiality to their high cost. As in: pharmaceuticals and politics falsely inflate them. You can find cheaper solutions if you transcend the mainstream.

2: Being Sneaky

Say you see a doctor that’s traditionally out-of-network. In your insurance plan, there’s usually clear phrasing indicating this will induce added fees. And if you have surgery in such a scenario, you won’t have a say in the chosen anesthesiologist.

When the bill indicating you’ve gone out of your network comes, write a letter riddled with emotion-laced logic indicating you had no choice when it came to the anesthesiologist in the network or without, then refuse to pay the added cost. The legal loophole is this: if you don’t have direct control, it turns out you’re not liable. There are a lot of tactics like this, do a little research to find juicy ones.

3: Technology

Yes, technology can be bad for you; but it can also save your life. Additionally, clinical trials for new methods of healing are always being developed. If you keep your eyes open, you can find tech trials which may even pay you to undergo treatment. Granted, this isn’t likely to happen for most; but when you’re courting illness or seeking healthcare, keeping options open is wise.

4: Available Resources

There is an untapped library of information available via the web. You’ve got all the information you’ll ever need at your fingertips. Of course, navigating that reservoir of data isn’t always easy.

5: Eating Right And Being Properly Physically Active

One of the most overlooked ways to cut costs in terms of healthcare is to be healthy. Granted, there are some conditions that can’t be fully overcome. But even the worst conditions benefit from some form of exercise, where possible, and the right kind of nutrition. So look at your diet and find a way to hone your body. This will help you be more healthy, and can even reduce your healthcare costs with the right provider.

Being Healthy And Financially Secure

$12k a year is a $1k/month healthcare plan. That’s half your income if you’re at the poverty level. Nobody can afford that. But there are ways to get the coverage you need without having to tread water financially. The good news is, they can be found. The bad news is, you’ll have to do some research.

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