5 ways to look great while you work out 

When we work out, obviously the main focus is on completing and hopefully enjoying the physical activity itself – but that doesn’t mean our desire to look good has to take a backseat! While it’s completely valid to enjoy just being comfortable when heading for a workout, for some of us it still feels important to look put together – so here we’ve put together some tips to help you do that!

  1. Coordinate your outfit 

One of the easiest ways to look good while you work out is to put some effort into your outfit; there is a huge range of sportswear out there in all kinds of prints and patterns, in matching sets as well. There will definitely be something on the market that suits you and it shouldn’t be too difficult to create an eye-catching and stylish outfit from the tip of your ponytail to the ends of your colourful badminton shoes. Knowing you look put together is a massive step towards feeling and looking good while you work out!

  1. Don’t neglect your hair

While it’s totally acceptable to just throw your hair up in a messy bun for a workout, if you’re aiming to look like an influencer while you’re working out then it’s important to pay a bit more attention. Your style can still be simple, for example a ponytail or braid, but make sure it’s neat and secure, and consider using some hairspray to keep any strays at bay through your workout.

  1. Wear a sweatband

Obviously, while you’re working out you’re going to get very sweaty – at least, you will if you’re doing it right! While this is totally normal, if you’re worried about how it looks there are a couple of tricks you can pull out of your sleeve. As well as investing in sweat wicking workout clothes which can prevent those underarm and back patches, you can also wear sweatbands; you can either wear them on your wrist, which makes it easy to regularly wipe your forehead, or you can also wear a headband which prevents the sweat from running down your forehead. As well as preventing that sweaty-faced look, this is also a practical solution which prevents any sweat from getting in your eyes and keeps your hair out of your face.

  1. Wear what makes you comfortable

There’s no point in cracking out those expensive LuLuLemon leggings that looked so great on that influencer if they just aren’t your style. While you might, and probably will, look physically great, working out is one scenario where it’s especially important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. You’re going to be sweaty, stretching yourself into strange positions, and the rest of it – it’s important that you feel like your best self in what you’re wearing.

  1. Wear quality activewear

This is true of everyday outfits as well – no matter how coordinated, no matter how well put together or stylish, if the clothes themselves are poor quality then you probably won’t look that great. Though this is no more true of sportswear than it is of any other type of clothing, it is equally important and you should absolutely consider some key points; one big problem with low quality activewear is that it’s pretty see-through, which isn’t necessarily what you want. While some well placed mesh panels can look great, we’re assuming thin fabric which shows your underwear isn’t what you’re after! Low quality clothing also doesn’t last as long, so is bad for your pocket. If branded or high quality sportswear is out of your budget, it can be  a great idea to look in a thrift store – you can often find barely used quality sportswear at a discount price.

For those of us who love putting work into how we look, working out is just another great opportunity to do just that – hopefully something on this list will help you get your perfect workout self together!

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