Cool and quirky gadgets for the home

Given that the word gadget has been in use since the 19th Century, they have been a part of life for everyone around today. The modern definition of gadget is a broad one. Some people insist that gadgets have to be electrical products to be classed in this manner while other people suggest that any tool or item that makes your life easier deserves to be classed as a gadget.

While there may be some debate about what actually qualifies as a gadget, there is no doubt that these devices have hugely impacted on home life. The explosion in consumerism in the 1950s led to gadgets becoming an integral part of home life for many people and families. These devices were utilized to make life easier, allowing people to save time preparing food or cleaning, allowing them more time for enjoyment or rest.

The 1970s and ‘80s saw a massive range of home gadgets being released but there has been no drop off in the importance of quirky and interesting labor saving devices. The early devices may have been large, bulky and somewhat erratic but modern gadgets can be compact, they look great and can be relied upon to work time after time. When it comes to value for money and reliability, there is a world between the first labor saving devices for home use and what people have access to today.

A device that can save time while looking great or creating a talking point is always going to be popular in homes, and there is virtually no limit on the range of interesting devices and items you can buy for your home these days.


Potato Express

In the quest to eat healthily, many people advocate jacket potatoes. The only problem is, jacket potatoes can take a long time to cook. This is why a product like Potato Express is so popular, as it can help you cook oven baked potatoes in 4 minutes! The innovative insulated design creates a steam pocket that ensures the potatoes are cooked to perfection in practically no time at all. When it comes to finding a healthy snack that can be eaten straight away, this is a game-changing product for many homes.

Bowl Light

Heading to the toilet in the middle of the night can be a challenge in many households, particularly for people who don’t want to wake up the rest of their family or loved ones. The Bowl Light, available in a range of colors, is activated by people moving. This means it will light up when you are at the toilet and then switch off when you walk away. To ensure that everyone in the house can use the toilet safely without impacting on others around the home, this light is a tremendous addition to any home.

When it comes to finding quirky and cool gadgets for your home, sites like As seen on TV provide everything you could be looking for. The Bowl Light can make life easier but it’s also fun, and is a big hit with kids. If a device can combine fun with functionality, it’s always likely to be a winner.


Kitchen King Pro

When it comes to working in the kitchen, people want convenience, reliability and no drop in quality. This is why a product like the Kitchen King Pro is a fantastic purchase. It can chop, mix, slice, whip and even provide a Julienne cut. Being able to prepare and cut so many vegetables and food with one device saves time, it reduces the washing up but it also provides fantastic looking results. For people that want to present their food in the best possible manner, a product like the Kitchen King Pro is the perfect way to prepare fruit and vegetables.

A common trend this year is to take existing devices and provide them with an additional feature or add a fashionable or fun aspect to them. Tin openers have long been popular devices in the kitchen, but in 2016 you can buy hands-free tin openers or “Tornado tin-openers” which promise to open a device as fast as possible. The importance of fitness and portability has also led to a surge in bottles that blend your drinks and then keep them chilled when you are on the go. Today, convenience and providing a solution to the hectic life people lead is at the heart of the best quirky devices in the home.

No matter what your interests are or what you like to do at home, there will be cool and quirky gadgets that can make your life easier.

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