Great Products to Spruce up Your College Apartment

Going off to college is seriously fun: you get to be independent of your parents, you may have a roomie and develop a friendship that lasts decades and you will probably enjoy many cool parties. It can be a pretty big adjustment going from living at home, with your parents, to the independence of living alone. Homesickness is something that happens to many of us when we set off for college, especially if it’s our first time living away from our close friends and family. Investing a little time and money into making your apartment feel more comfortable will do a lot to help you have a new home away from home. If you will be going to college in Texas try looking for rental market trends in El Paso, Texas here.  Here are some great products to spruce up your college apartment:

1. A Cool Tapestry
When you’re renting a college apartment or staying in the college dorms, the truth is you don’t want to do too much damage to the walls or anything that will require you to spend much money to get things back to how they were when you leave. As such, it can be a little frustrating how plain the walls tend to be in rented apartments and in college dorms; generally, you can choose between white, beige, or off beige – so boring! One of my favourite ways to quickly transform how your college bedroom looks is by buying a tapestry: they’re inexpensive for the size, add a huge pop of colour to any room, and the best thing is you can hang them without doing any damage! Check out the greek store for their impressive range of affordable tapestries. But be warned: you may find it hard to just pick one, there are so many great ones to choose from.

2. Throw Pillows
If you have a couch in your dorm room or in your college apartment, then chances are you could use a few throw pillows: they add a lot of personality for a low cost and the best thing about throw pillows is you can mix and match a few designs in order to best reflect your personality and style. If you don’t have space for a couch, consider placing a few throw pillows on your bed. It makes it a little more comfortable for friends to sit on if you’re hanging out in your room and still adds a bit of personality without breaking the bank.

3. Photos From Home
Just because you’re far from your friends and family, doesn’t mean they have to be far from your mind. Many of us don’t bother printing out photos anymore, relying on Facebook and our phones to keep our precious memories. But the truth is: there’s something special about taking the time to place a framed photo in your bedroom or home. The extra step shows how special that memory is to you! I really love photo walls so this can be a fast and easy way to add some personality to your college room and you can even do it without frames to cut down costs.

4. A Lamp
Chances are you’re going to be spending many hours studying at your desk: whether it’s preparing for an upcoming exam or writing a paper. I personally find my standard lights to be too harsh on my eyes when I’m working late into the night and staring at my laptop screen. Recently I bought a small desk lamp and I’ve found it’s made working late into the night so much easier. You can pick up a cheap desk lamp to help you stay focused when you’re working hard into the evening and beyond – trust me, you’ll thank me later!

5. Under Bed Storage
You may discover that your college room or apartment has barely any storage, so something I really enjoyed doing was buying some small plastic containers that could fit under my bed. It was a great way to store the clothes I wasn’t wearing due to the season and other bits and pieces that would quickly clutter up my dorm room. You can find cheap plastic storage containers at almost any homeware store and it’s a simple hack that can make your apartment feel more spacious because you’ll be clearing out the clutter!

6. A Vision Board
This is something you make, actually – so can be as cheap as a few magazines and a piece of cardboard. A vision board is a great way to help you stay focused on your goals and move towards what you want from life. You can focus on all different areas of your life, from family, relationships, careers, finance, holidays, and so forth. Basically, you cut out words or pictures that symbolise things you would like to achieve or have in the coming years. It helps you stay focused, positive, and upbeat about your future while keeping your dreams and goals at the forefront of your mind. This is a fun way to decorate a part of your apartment without spending a lot and while ensuring it has a lot of meaning – and who knows, maybe it’ll even help propel you towards your dreams!

7. Plants
If you’re spending a lot of time inside studying, chances are your room can get really stuffy, especially if it’s too cold outside to keep the windows open. Plants are great because they only need sunlight and water, and they create oxygen which is great for your brain! I personally love the way a bright green plant or beautiful flower can make a room feel more upbeat. I struggle a little to keep real plants alive, and if you’re also in this special group of people, don’t worry! You can easily buy some imitation plants that look extremely realistic and require absolutely no watering from you – win-win!

Styling and setting up your college dorm room or apartment is going to be such a fun project for you. Spend a little time planning out what great products you personally want in your space before you even leave for college, so that once you arrive you can just focus on setting everything up exactly how you want. Spending a little time investing in your room will make you feel more comfortable and hopefully more productive. Happy decorating!

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