Key Changes You Need To Make To Your Home As You Get Older

Your life changes when you get older. You do not have as much freedom or independence. You might find tasks that were once easy are increasingly difficult and dangerous. This may be due to natural changes in the body caused by age or health issues such as arthritis. As such, there are certain changes that should be made to the home as you get older. This will make it safer, easier to use and a better place to live. Here are some of the main points that you should consider.

Safety And Security

You may want to think about upgrading the locks and security on doors and windows. You should also think about getting an alarm set up if you do not have one already. Homes of the elderly are often targeted for break-ins. Particularly, if they are in poorer areas. Better locks on the doors will give you more security and prevent you being targeted. You may also want to get a sign for the home window that says you don’t answer to cold callers. While cold callers are not dangerous, opening the door to a stranger can leave you vulnerable. If you make it clear that you don’t answer the door to cold callers, they will soon get the message.


Easy Access

If you live in a house, you may want to think about relocating to a bungalow in your old age. This makes living arrangements easier because it means that you don’t have to travel up and down stairs each and every day. If you don’t want the hassle of moving, you may want to look into getting a stairlift. This will reduce the risk of your falling down the stairs, causing a severe accident. At the very least, you should have a safety gate at the top of the stairs.

Better Equipment

You may want to look into buying equipment and appliances that are easier to use for the elderly. For instance, companies like Procter Health Care sell kettles designed for people who have arthritis. They are easier to handle, tip and pour and this limits the chance of causing an injury with boiling water. There are numerous other pieces of furniture and appliances you can get to improve the home. You can buy a bed that is higher up and easier to get in and out of and even beds that are adjustable.

Easy Maintenance

Growing older doesn’t mean that you have to live in a house that is untidy or a mess. You can make changes to your home that will mean it is easier to keep clean and tidy. For instance, you can get plastic coverings for the ceiling and wall. This will mean that every part of a room like the kitchen can be cleaned with a mop and bucket. Or a simple damp cloth. The other option is to hire help, but most people can not afford this. Therefore changing the home is going to be the best possibility.

If you take this advice, you can avoid any issues or problems in the home in your twilight years.


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