4 Valuable Niches That You Should Be Blogging About in 2016 and Beyond

In the world of blogging, finding out how to start a blog is no longer the hard part. In fact, if you utilize the right resources, you can have your blog up and running within just over an hour.

The problem for many, however, is finding a niche that is valuable enough to provide them with a strong return over the long run. This is especially true for those that intend to leverage their blog to make money in the future.

While bloggers are always looking for the best niches to get into, trends change on an annual and sometimes even monthly basis. Fortunately, there are some niches that clearly have a strong outlook for 2016 and beyond.

Here is a look at what some of them are.

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#1 – Health Niche

The health niche is a timeless one. It’s hard to imagine a time in the near future when things like weight loss, weight lifting, nutritional products, and running will not be popular issues to consumers.

The one obvious problem with the health niche is that it is a crowded space. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the topics of weight lifting and nutrition alone. In order to make it in this space, you really need to focus on finding an angle that gives you an edge over the competition.

#2 – Electronics and Technology

This is another niche that has become timeless. The simple reason for this is because technology, and the things that come from improvements in the space, is always changing and offering new opportunities.

If you’re looking for a sub-niche here, virtual reality, mobile apps, financial technology, and medical technology are all great options that have a positive outlook for 2016 and beyond.


#3 – Dating

As you can see, there is a bit of trend here when it comes to timeless niches on this list. The reason for this is simple; the more evergreen a niche is, the better long term potential that it can provide.

While sex and dating have always been popular topics to blog about, the increasing popularity of dating apps has given rise to many new sub and micro-niches. With more and more people getting into online dating, the possibilities for sub-niches in this space are basically endless.

Thousands of people are making money blogging about things like dating within certain ethnicities, connecting professionals within different industries, and even providing tips on how to succeed with online dating.

#4 – Make Money Online

Until the internet disappears altogether, you can bet that there will be millions of people searching for ways that they can make money online. While this space is extremely crowded, there are so many opportunities and sub-niches here that it really doesn’t matter.

In order to make it in this niche, you simply have to prove that you can provide value to people trying to make money online. If you’re able to do that, the possibilities and potential for success are endless.

Everything from email marketing and video marketing to copywriting and social media marketing are options here. If you’re ambitious enough, you can even discover your own new ways to help others make money online.

As you search for the niche that you would like to blog about, be sure that you do your research to determine which sub-niches and micro-niches are showing positive trends now and in the future. Utilizing Google Trends is a great way to gather this information.







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