Apps That’ll Save You From Disaster

The world has been in a love affair with apps ever since Apple unveiled their first smartphone back in 2007. Since then, the world of applications has grown to unprecedented proportions, with the Play Store and the Apple Store hosting more than two million each.


Making apps isn’t some elitist thing anymore, concentrated on the Apple campus. Courses on app development from Simplilearn are popping up all over the internet, making this something that practically anybody can get involved in.


Of course, that’s not to say that we love all the apps that are out there; how could we, there being so many? But there are a few that have proven utterly indisposable, helping us to stay on the straight and narrow and generally enabling us to organize our lives. So what are they?






Perhaps you’ve seen a few strapping young gentlemen cycling around your neighborhood with giant boxes attached to their backs. If you have, then you’ve probably seen the app, Deliveroo in action. Deliveroo is most helpful when you don’t want to cook, and you don’t want to dramatically shorten your life by ordering from the nearest pizza outlet. The app allows you to order healthy food, like salads and smoothies, and have them delivered to your door like a regular takeaway. Now, finally, you can be lazy and healthy.




Treatwell is another app that appeals to your general laziness and apathy. When you can’t be bothered to call up your local beauty salon to book that manicure you promised yourself, Treatwell steps in to provide a solution. It allows you to find salons and book appointments so that you can get that salon feeling without having to try to recreate it at home, usually with disastrous consequences.






If you travel a lot and don’t use Uber yet, you’re crazy. Finally, there’s an app that you can use pretty much wherever you are in the world to hail a taxi. What’s more, Uber taxis will come directly to you, depending on which of the drivers are closest to your location. There’s no fumbling around in your pockets for money either: all the details of the transaction are processed through the app. Plus if you’re worried about safety, there’s a feature that allows you to photograph the driver and text your friends.


Daily Budget


Daily Budget is an aptly named app. We all know that a daily budget is something that we should have, but how often have you gone out and bought something you didn’t need, blowing a hole in your finances?


Daily Budget wants to solve that problem. Its mission is to help its users save money and calculate just how much money they are wasting. On top of that, it allows users to punch in how much money they’ve got coming in and calculates how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goals. For instance, if you’ve got a vacation coming up next summer, the app will tell you how much you have to save each month between now and then to afford it.


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