How Can I Avoid Being Hacked?

You might think your computer is secure as it is and it very well might be, but hackers are getting smarter all the time. The majority of people know about software designed to stop viruses, which means the creators of viruses and programmes designed to infiltrate your computer and slip past your defences are improving to combat that.

Much like a real infection, antibiotics (anti-virus programmes) can only do so much. There’s always more you could and should be doing to protect your system and all its confidential files, because otherwise, as secure and cautious as you may be, there may come a day when an undetected virus steals information from your computer.

Even trusted businesses are susceptible to hacks.

If big company brands and figures have been infiltrated by hackers, does that mean you will? Not necessarily. However, it does mean that, if you’re signed up to a service or an account with any such company, your information may either be directly susceptible to hackers. Alternatively, you could easily be misled into offering up your sensitive data or personal details under the false pretense of receiving an email from a legitimate employee.

Hackers can find their way around the core applications, programmes or defensive software you use and instead target programmes on your computer that you might not be using anymore.


The key is a good key.

Yes, this is the oldest piece of advice in the book, but a good password is crucial. You’d be surprised how many people use simple words as their password. Perhaps you’re more security conscious, but be honest: have you used the same password more than once?

If a hacker manages to infiltrate a website on which you have a user account, that’s not your fault and hopefully you can conduct some damage control to protect your information. However, hackers will then use that same password and email address on other popular websites. If you’ve used the same password elsewhere, sensitive data from all your accounts becomes accessible.

A solid line of defence could do you the world of good.

Maybe you’re using Windows Defender, which is a fine programme, but there are so many new forms of virus spread across the internet every day that sometimes you need a programme within which you can frequent, constant updates and a level of security which extends to all forms of virus. There are some great deals lying around if you look hard enough; you could pick up the bitdefender 2017 coupon for next year.

No matter your level of defence and security, you still need to be cautious.

There can be viruses which slide past anti-virus detection systems, meaning that your computer may not be entirely safe as it is. Of course, it is vital that you have an anti-virus system in place, but this is not the only line of defence you should have in place to protect the sensitive information on your computer from malicious viruses and programmes designed to abuse your system’s vulnerabilities.

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