Make These Changes Now For A Healthier Lifestyle

We all want to be as healthy as possible, and yet there often seems to be plenty that gets in the way of this goal. The truth is that, very often, these blockages are cultural, and are things which we can work through if we want to truly be healthier, happier and live for longer. If you have recently woken up to the truth that you need to start taking better care of yourself, then the good news is that there is plenty you can do, right away, to start getting there. Sometimes it takes a scare of some kind or another to realise how important our health is. At other times, it is just a gradual unfolding. However it has happened for you, here are some essential habit changes to consider if you want to be healthier.


Less Screen Use

As a culture, we are obsessed by our screens. The over-prevalence of screens in our daily life is a relatively recent thing, and yet because of the process that some have called ‘manufactured normalcy’, we have come to accept screens without question into our lives. The fact is, while giving with one hand, they take away with the other. Yes, smartphones and tablets can be useful, but there is mounting evidence that using screens excessively is damaging to one’s health. There is a direct link between screen usage and depression, as well as sleeplessness and poor diet and exercise regime. Set yourself a dare: see if you can limit your screen time by one hour each day. You are bound to notice a big difference in a very short space of time.

More Sleep

It is a sad testament to our times that we have come to regard sleep as somehow inessential. Here in the latter days of the capitalist industry, we are so driven on to achieve external ends that we take the ignorance of one’s internal needs as not only given, but somehow virtuous. A huge manifestation of that is our consistent lack of sleep. Insomnia is a big problem the world over, and it can only be solved by taking careful steps to ensuring one is well rested. You can get plenty of sleep using these natural and herbal cures, or you can simply reduce your caffeine intake, exercise more, and get to bed earlier.


A lot of people are turning to meditation in the west, more than ever before, and that is for a very good reason. It is, after all, something like a wonder drug. Done on a regular basis, and done properly, meditation can do a number of things for your mind and body’s health. Most of all, it actively works to calm your nerves, quite literally, meaning that you are causing your body a whole lot less stress in the long run. Stress leads to many other issues, so this is clearly a hugely important thing in and of itself. Beyond that, meditation also helps you to sleep better, keeps you calm in the face of adversity, and works as a gradual way to get to know yourself better, inside and out. It is an essential practice for anyone who cares about themselves.

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