Save Money By Ditching Your Expensive Smartphone

When it comes to saving money, you need to cut down costs wherever you can. Spending less on your weekly groceries and avoiding shopping sprees will help. But it’s those major monthly expenses that have the most impact on your bank account. You can’t give up on paying rent or utilities. But one of the bills you can easily get rid of is your smartphone.

Smartphones are fantastic devices with many uses, but they cost a lot! In addition to the devices costing you hundreds, you also have to deal with expensive contracts. Here are some of the reasons it helps to ditch your smartphone.

You Can Use Apps Without Them

Many people today rely heavily on smartphone apps. There are apps for everything, from planning your day to online banking. It might be hard to let go of your smartphone simply because of the apps! But luckily, you don’t need a smartphone to use them.

All of the apps you use on your smartphone can also be used on your computer! Some can be accessed via your browser as well as through computer software. For instance, you can use a SnapChat login online or access Pinterest via the web.

There are also programs which let you emulate Android on your computer. All you do is open up a piece of software like BlueStacks or AMIDUoS and you get all the same features you would on your smartphone.


You Could Switch To A Tablet

Some people prefer to use smartphone apps simply for the convenience. You might need to access your Gmail while on the train. Or maybe you want to play some fun games while you run. In this case, it might help to get a tablet.

Tablets come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a portable one capable of fitting in your pocket, or you could opt for a larger screen. They make great portable companions for using all your favorite apps. The benefit over smartphones is you won’t have to pay a monthly cost.

VoIP Services Give You Calls And Texts For Free

There’s a range of software available for both computers and smartphones that allow you to communicate with people for free! Need to talk to someone? Use Skype for free calls. Want to message someone fast? Just get on Facebook messenger.

It saves you from having to pay for monthly calls and texts. If you’re using a laptop or tablet on the go, you can access them via WiFi. Many devices these days are also 3G enabled. You can order contract-free 3G using your portable device, so you only have to pay when you need it.

You Can Avoid Distractions

While smartphones are useful, they can also be distracting. With all the handy apps and fun games, it’s easy for people to become addicted to their screens. By getting rid of yours, you won’t just save yourself money. You can also save time to focus on other things.

You can go about your daily tasks without getting interrupted by constant beeps. You won’t have the urge to check social media constantly. You can snap back to reality and avoid distractions. This article details one woman’s experience of how getting rid of her smartphone improved her life. If it sounds like you, you might want to do the same!

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