The Best Sites for Entertaining Yourself on a Rainy Day

The Internet is the modern-day equivalent of a board game on a rainy day. It might be great for research and studying, and it might be fantastic for doing your banking, but it’s also pretty fantastic for keeping yourself entertained on a rainy day.

From games, online Lotto and video to music and news, there are more sites than ever that offer free and paid services that mean you’ll never be bored again. Let’s take a look at some of the best sites 2016 has to offer.



m/4/3586/3376961077_db2003215a_z.jpg?zz=1Love news? There are so many sources online, and they’re not necessarily what you think. Take Reddit for instance. This online media site has content that ranges from images and viral videos, to all the latest serious and breaking news. Think of it as a forum, but don’t go expecting everyone to be serious.

Google News is also fantastic. You can set Google Alerts, which will email you whenever an article appears relating to a certain topic or keyword. Their algorithm also shows you the latest articles that it thinks will interest you, based on the kind of things you normally read. You can even customize the modules on the site to show you stocks, sports scores, weather and more.


Video and TV

If you don’t already know about YouTube, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. This is the place where you can view pretty much any video online, with millions upon millions of videos having been uploaded by users since its founding. Not only does it offer its regular free content, however, it also lets you rent movies for as little as $3.

Other TV services include Hulu and Netflix. The latter of the two has become hugely popular in recent years, allowing you to stream old and new TV shows and movies, and even offering a range of new comedy, drama and documentary series unique to Netflix.

Gaming and Gambling

Online gaming and gambling are among the most popular forms of entertainment now, and Coral is one of the most renowned and visited gambling sites around. You can play the Irish Lotto here, which is one of their most popular games. With higher chances of winning, you can easily play online and have the chance to win big sums!

Head over to Coral for some of the best online gambling and games, or try – a popular flash game website that has hundreds of different free-to-play games.

So whether you’re playing the online Lotto with Coral or you’re catching up on your favorite TV show, you’ll find everything you need to keep yourself entertained on a rainy day!




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