The Newbies Guide To Having A Great PC Gaming Experience

If you’re a console gamer and you’re looking to expand your horizons, there are a few different directions to go. If you’re serious about your passion, however, you’re not as likely to head in the direction of mobile games. Instead, you’ll be looking at PC gaming. Nowadays, the PC gaming market is bigger than ever. This means it’s also easier than ever to really get into it. The points below are going to help you take some of the fuss out of the matter.

Getting the best machine you can

If you’ve never had a gaming PC, it can seem like a lot of work. There are a lot of parts involved in it. More experienced users will have no problem fitting these parts together, but it’s not uncommon for newcomers to be a bit intimidated by it. Nowadays, however, it’s easy to use services that can custom build PCs for you. That way you can get the best hardware for your budget. Otherwise, you might be looking at pre-built options. These can be just as useful, too. Particularly if you’re looking to explore more options in your game selection. Some manufacturers are focusing on pre-built PCs designed in particular for virtual reality gaming.


Setting up the perfect game environment

Besides the machine that you get yourself, it’s also worth looking into the kind of environment you intend to enjoy your game in. For one, look at the furniture you’re using. Don’t use any old stiff wooden kitchen chair. You need something that can support your back and keep you comfortable for a proper gaming session. Consider sites like that can help you research proper gaming chairs. Similarly, a desk of extendable height can make sure that you’re able to sit at it comfortable and not causing your wrist stress from using the mouse. If you find you’re a lot more comfortable using a console controller, then you can find ways to hook most kinds up to your PC as well.

How to find the games that you’ll love

For someone who’s new to PCs, there can seem to be a wildly diverse selection of games. Genres like grand strategy, flight simulators and real-time strategy have a much bigger market on the PC, too. With all that choice, how do you know whether you’ll find one that you’ll love? You can start with sites like That way, you can recommendations based on past titles you’ve enjoyed. Be willing to look at the opinions of other long-time PC gamers, too. Most games on PC are in Steam, which features a handy curator system. Using curators, you can follow and get recommendations from those who share similar tastes to you.

We hope that we’ve been able to help you get the best start to your PC gaming hobby that you can. It can feel like a whole new world for people who aren’t very used to PC gaming. But you’ll be sure to find all kinds of experiences that make the initial confusion worth it.


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