Why Android Nougat is what you’ve been waiting for

When Google released Android 7.0 (popularly known as Nougat) last August, few people knew exactly how the new operating system would improve on previous versions. Now that it’s been around for a while, people have had enough time to discover what features they love. If you own an Android device, there is a good chance that these three features will make Nougat what you’ve been waiting for.

Virtual Reality Mode

Virtual reality hasn’t become a game changer in the smartphone world yet, but it’s poised to take over within the next couple of years. As more companies develop smartphones capable of processing the graphics needed to operate virtual worlds, you will see this technology become more prevalent.

For some people, Nougat is ahead of the game. Anyone who owns a Galaxy Gear VR headset, however, will breathe a sigh of relief now that they can choose an operating system designed for virtual reality. Visit Android Headlines to find out when Google plans to make Nougat available for your mobile device. Even if you haven’t adopted virtual reality technology yet, you will in the near future.


Multi-Window View

Using more than one app at a time has always been a struggle for smartphone owners. Google has finally solved the issue with multi-window view. As the name suggests, multi-window view will let you use more than one app at once. You can watch a video at the top of your screen and check Twitter at the bottom of your screen.

You’re still restricted to opening two apps at a time, but it’s a lot better than what other operating systems offer. Given the relatively small sizes of most smartphone screens, you probably don’t want to use more than two apps simultaneously, anyway.

Nougat lets you switch between two apps quickly. This new feature makes it possible for an app to take up the entire screen without dominating your phone’s processor. Instead of waiting for a new app to turn itself on, you can leave it running in the background while it waits for you to summon it.

Better Battery Management

Smartphone batteries become more advanced every year. Improvements in battery technology, however, don’t mean that you have to charge your phone less often. More often than not, the extra battery power gets spent on faster processors and larger screens with better definition.

Google is approaching better battery management from a software perspective. You may remember that Google first attempted this with the Android 6.0 Doze feature. The company has taken this concept even further by telling phones to stop communicating with networks when they’re on battery power and haven’t been used in a while. This can significantly improve battery performance, especially for people who are always on the go.

Google continues to improve its Android operating system to keep up with new smartphone technology and consumer demands. Even if you weren’t impressed by Android 6.0, you might love the latest version. It has plenty of new features that other operating systems can’t match.

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