3 Tips for Moving Office

Moving house can be stressful enough, but if you’re the manager of a business and planning an office move, it can feel like a logistical nightmare. You’re going to have to organise the transfer of everyone’s desks, ensure that there are sufficient private offices for all your staff, and make sure that all your important files and document make their way to the new office. Even though it’s a lot of work, moving office can be very rewarding as it might give your staff more room and space to grow. If you’re planning to move your office any time soon, please check out my top 3 tips for moving office:

1. Be Realistic
I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when moving office is they completely underestimate the time and energy required to do this kind of move. Obviously how challenging the move will be will depend on the size of your company, how many desks and offices you’re planning to move and the amount of time you have to complete the move. I do think sometimes it’s worthwhile ensuring that both of the property leases overlap with a few weeks to spare, to ensure you have enough time to get everything done and then cleaned up afterwards. In my experience, moving always takes a lot longer than we expect, so I would add on about 30% extra time to what you think it will take in order to have a healthy time buffer around the move.

2. Call in the Experts
While it’s fine to ask your staff to take their smaller items to the new office or to at least pack them up, you’re going to want to call in the big guns for the larger office pieces such as desks, chairs and everything in between. While you could probably ask your staff to help, the truth is that’s extra stress and exhaustion that you’re better to outsource. Check out sarasota moving companies for some great companies can make your moving much easier and less stress. Some moving companies even offer a more comprehensive service which includes packing things up in boxes, and unpacking them when your boxes are delivered. The amount of support you’ll want will depend on your budget and how much stuff there is to move.

3. Try to Do the Move on the Weekend
There’s no convenient time to move an entire office but if you can schedule the move to happen on the weekend, you will minimise the number of work days that will be taken off. Depending on your business industry, it might make sense for your staff to work remotely during the days of the move, ensuring that work is still flowing while everything’s being taken to the new office. If you can find a company that will help you with the move on the weekend they’re likely worth their weight in gold to you!

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