What Do Accounting Recruiters Look for in a Candidate?

High-level recruiters specialize in matching accounting professionals with employers via specially developed methodologies designed to optimize compatibility. This means working with accounting recruiters can lead you to the perfect job. It also means these recruiters are typically quite selective about the candidates they choose to work with. Understanding recruiters’ criteria can help you establish a productive working relationship.

  1. A Great Resume

  Obviously, having a resume listing great accomplishments means a lot. However, a great resume is also one that effectively and clearly presents information employers want to know. Recruiters look for accounting resumes that offer a clear and impactful synopsis of what makes you a top candidate.


  1. The Right Credentials

Top accounting positions generally require a Certified Public Accountant license. Employers looking for accountants in a wide range of sectors require or strongly prefer a CPA.

Additionally, depending on the industry, some recruiters may look for additional certifications. In particular, large corporations may prefer candidates who are Certified Management Accountants.

If you aim for a position with significant global networking, you may consider obtaining Chartered Global Management Accountant certification. Those working in areas such as forensic accountancy or fraud detection can benefit from obtaining the relevant specialized credentials.

  1. Motivation

Accounting recruitment agencies base their success on identifying highly qualified candidates that fit their employer clients’ preferences. They want to see candidates who demonstrate a high level of commitment to and passion for the work they do.

Indicators of a motivated accountant include factors such as long tenures with previous employers, progress up the promotion ladder and specific achievement metrics. Describing yourself as passionate and motivated will not cut it – you need to show, not tell.

That said, employers’ priorities often vary. Top accounting recruiters work with jobseekers and employers to provide customized solutions that help both sides achieve their goals. To learn more about the recruitment process, get in touch with a Beacon Resources executive recruiter.

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