3 Ways That Smoking Destroys Your Looks

The fact that smoking is bad for your health is now a fact that we all know about. It is undeniable. But do you know about all of the reasons why quitting (or indeed never starting!) are? There are some that are pretty well-advertised, of course. Cancer risks most of all, and also how many years it can take off your life! But what about the smaller reasons? Just because they won’t necessarily kill you, doesn’t mean you they aren’t worth knowing about. Of course, smoking is bad for your because of the contents of a cigarette. These poisons go into your body, but they also affect you on the outside.

So, without further ado, here are three ways that smoking is destroying your looks. From your hair to your skin to your nails, you are damaging each of these things every single time you light up.


Hair loss

There is a blatant connection between smoking and hair loss? While scientists have yet to draw an undeniable link, the most accurate answer to the question does smoking cause hair loss is yes. Research has proven that smoking has an adverse reaction to the health and condition of your hair. It is likely that this change in condition is what causes the hair loss. It’s not just total baldness from the start, though. It will begin with small circle patches of baldness or less hair, usually at the front or back of your hair. Your hair will also start to thin throughout. Yes, this is true for both men and women. So, whatever your gender, if you care about your locks, quitting could be very wise.

Dry skin

Of course, cigarettes affect you by what they do to your insides. But how much consideration do you give to the outside of your body? Take cigarette smoke, and all the horrible ingredients that smoke is made up of, for example. You smoke from your mouth, which means that the resulting smoke travels up to your skin. This, in turn, dries out your skin and loses elasticity. This is sometimes known as ‘smoker’s face.’. The inside effects will also include a duller and grayer complexion. What comes next? Wrinkles of course. They can start to appear as early as your 30’s, and make a person look significantly older than they are. There is hope, though, even if you’ve been a smoker for some time. This article looks at how you can still save your skin.

Yellow nails

Your fingernails might only be a tiny part of your body, but that doesn’t mean this habit doesn’t reach them! Because you are depriving your body of oxygen, they grow slower and break easier. When in a weaker state they become more prone to nail fungus infections also. Externally, all of that smoke and those bad ingredients wafting around near your hands affect their coloration. But this in itself can be extremely dangerous. You may think your nails are yellow because you smoke, but in fact, this could just be masking a more serious illness. Oh, and if you want something to really put you off, look up clubbed nails.

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