5 Things To Know About Poppers

Nitrites or “poppers” are pretty common in the UK and are consumed to get high at a nightclub or a sex club. If you like to go out every weekend and let loose, then there is a high chance you have tried or have come across poppers. Poppers are sold in small bottles, and you must inhale them straight from the bottle or dip a cigarette in the popper’s liquid to get the intoxicating effects. Now that you have a basic understanding of what poppers are, let’s talk about poppers in depth.

Why Are They Called Poppers?

Nitrites are associated with the name “poppers” in the streets, and it has to do with its packaging. Nitrates are sold through pharmacies that package nitrites in pop-off ampoules, and when crushed or popped, it releases the active ingredient amyl nitrite, hence the name poppers. Most people associate nitrate with the name poppers, so you can say “poppers” the name is more popular than the name nitrates.

How Poppers Can Be Used Incorrectly

The first thing you should know is that you should never consume poppers orally; they should only be inhaled. Poppers can cause burns to the skin and rashes in your mouth or nose. Once you pop a popper, you should consume it within a couple of hours as it will go bad if left outside. If you know how to refrigerate and store poppers properly, then you can extend their potency for a week. If you can manage to keep the popper away from your skin and avoid consuming poppers orally, you should be safe.

Why Are Poppers So Popular

The reason why poppers are so popular is that it’s a quick high. You can start feeling the effects of poppers within 15 seconds, and the high can last around 2-5 minutes. You will experience an increase in blood flow and dilated blood vessels, giving you a head rush. Many people use poppers when they are about to have sexual intercourse for apparent reasons.

What Are Some Side Effects?

People who consume poppers in excess notice feelings of nausea and dizziness. You can vomit and faint if you consume a ton of poppers. If the liquid touches your skin, you can get rashes or skin irritation. The side effects can be devastating if you drink poppers.

Which Countries Have Banned Poppers?

Believe it or not the UK almost banned poppers, but fortunately or unfortunately for some, Poppers UK are legal. In Canada, poppers are prohibited from being sold and distributed. In the USA, you can only get poppers through prescription. The main reason why poppers are illegal to purchase in these countries without prescription is that poppers are considered a drug. In the USA, you can’t buy poppers over the counter, whereas in Canada, they can’t be purchased. So if you live in the UK, you can freely buy and consume poppers.

Final Verdict

Poppers are very common amongst people looking to increase their bedroom performance or get a quick head rush. Always be safe when consuming poppers and follow the law in your country.

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