Tips for Getting Slim in Time for Summer

A few months out from summer, many of us find ourselves regretting our food or diet choices over the past six months as we’re left feeling a little softer than we’d like to. Whether you have a beach holiday coming up, or just want to be a bit more comfortable so you can wear whatever you like during the summer months, it’s not too late to get a bit closer to your dream body. Here are some easy tips for getting slim right in time for summer, so you can enjoy the warmer months not only looking your best, but feeling your best too.

1) Up Your Protein
There’s a pretty good chance you’re not consuming enough protein. Our modern diets seem to add in a lot of carbohydrates and result in lower than ideal intakes of protein. If you’re vegetarian you might find this to be even harder than average. I suggest that adding some protein shakes into your daily routine will help you up your protein intake. It doesn’t have to be protein shakes for every meal, but a protein shake every day or two will definitely make a different to how satisfied you feel.

2) Increase Your Exercise
We all know we need to exercise a little more – but you should get creative about how you can fit more exercise into your day. Recently I bought a Fit Bit and I find it really exciting to measure my daily activity levels. I do find that one days where I’m not moving much and I can see that reflected in my step count, that I feel inspired to go and try to get my count higher, increasing my activity levels for the day. Fun activities such as hiking, joining a club, playing a sport or getting a job that requires you to be active are smart ways of adding more activity into your day-to-day life.

3) Consider a Standing Desk
If you’re like me and find yourself working at a desk for most of your day, you might like to incorporate a standing-style desk into your working lifestyle. Yes, you can buy an expensive desk that you can change from standing to sitting and they are a great investment, but if you’re just wanting to trial how a standing desk might work for you, you can make a basic one by added a box onto of your desk. Make sure you get a good height from it, ideally your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle when you’re typing. Standing desks have been proven to help you burn more calories throughout the day as well as keeping you more energized.

Getting more of a desirable body is a two step process, first you need to lose some fat and the second part is gaining muscle. Some people find it hard to figure out how to build muscle, but it basically is by increasing your protein consumption and then working out the muscles you’d like to build, through challenging exercises such as lifting weights. The great news is that small changes made consistently over a long time will allow you to sculpt and shape your body how you want to. While you might not be able to do a complete body overhaul in time for this summer, you can definitely slim down and tone up within a matter of months using these tips.

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