9 Things You Must Do Before You Join A Gym

If you’re thinking of joining a gym, you’ll be doing one of the best things for your health. However, that’s only if you’re prepared to keep up a consistent routine. Because of this, there are a few things you should do before you join a gym. Wondering what they are? Here are 9 things you must do before you join a gym:

Decide on Your Goals

There’s absolutely no point in joining a gym if you don’t know what your goals are. You won’t make progress, or at least won’t make as much as you could be making. Knowing what your goals are beforehand is crucial. There are usually two main goals: fat loss, and muscle building. These goals are suitable for both men and women. Ladies, you’re not going to bulk up if you focus on muscle building. You’ll simply create a more ‘toned’, shapely physique. Although it can be possible to do both at the same time, it’s difficult. This is why focusing on one at a time is crucial. If you have excess fat, you’ll want to focus on getting rid of that. If you’re already slim but you want more shape, muscle building.


Find A Plan You Like The Look Of

Now you know your goals, it’s time to find a plan you like the look of. For fat loss, a plan should contain a mix of things like cardio and HIIT, as well as resistance training. Cardio and HIIT help to burn fat when done correctly. They can speed the process along. However, don’t make the same mistake many people make and do too much. You’ll burn what little muscle you have, and muscle is also crucial for speeding up fat loss. That’s why resistance training is a must too! Start out with body weight if you’re a beginner, then move on to heavier weights. For muscle building, you’re going to want heavier weights, and likely much less cardio. However, cardio is still good for your health and even your mindset, so it’s good to keep it in there. Make sure you get a plan from a reputable source. You can even find free plans on sites like Bodybuilding.com.

Make Sure The Gym Suits Your Plan

Before joining a gym, make sure it has everything you need. You’ll want a decent weights section, and some good cardio equipment (although cardio can be done outside if you like). Having a few good machines is nice, but free weights are always more beneficial.

See If You Can Get A Trial Membership

See if you can get a trial membership before committing to anything. This will give you a good idea of the equipment, people, and atmosphere of the gym.

Get Some Suitable Gym Clothes

To stay safe and comfortable, you’re going to need suitable gym clothes. Make sure you have garments suitable for your workouts, especially the right shoes. Look for the best weightlifting shoes in the market if you’re serious about lifting some heavy weight. Your shoes can actually change your form, so this is crucial.


Research Proper Form

Always research proper form and practice without weight first. You’ll avoid injury if you’re careful. Go for form over weight every time!

Find Ways To Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress by noting things like your speed and weight down. You can also take progress pictures and measurements. Never, ever rely on a scale.

Create A Motivating Playlist

Want to keep going when the going gets tough? Then you’re going to need a motivating playlist. Make one that makes you feel pumped up and ready to focus on your workout. You don’t want to spend the whole workout skipping songs! Listening to music will also make it clear that you don’t want to chat to anyone.  

Get Into The Habit Of Moving Your Body

Before you join a gym, it could be a good idea to get into the habit of moving your body first. For instance, going for walks and short runs. You could also do some yoga and short workouts at home. Then you won’t make excuses when you’ve actually joined the gym. Joining a gym without getting into the habit of working out is a false start if ever there was one!

Do these 9 things before you join a gym and you’ll be more than prepared to achieve your goals. Don’t put them off for another day. The time will pass anyway, so you might as well start now! Be consistent and there’s no way you can fail.

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