Are You Impatient? 3 Tips and Tricks for Managing Stress

Would you describe yourself as an impatient person? Most of us would probably like to say no, but the reality is that our modern lives have dramatically shaped our expectations and moods. Life is busy and almost no moment is wasted – if you’re sitting on a train or a bus, chances are you’ve got your phone in your hand either scrolling through social media or trying to fire off a few quick work emails. Maybe a few decades ago that time would have been spent gazing out a window or striking up a conversation with your seat mate. In a recent study, commissioned by promotional products retailer, a third of respondents said that modern life has made them constantly pushed for time, which then flows into all other areas of their life. Almost 3/4 of responders also said that they’ve become less patient in recent years. Which makes you wonder whether this is an age related issue, due to the modern life pressures we’re all facing, or a combination of factors. If you find that you’re impatient and it’s affecting you and your loved ones, here are 3 tips and tricks for managing stress and becoming more patient:

1. Use Reliable Services

There’s nothing worse than paying for a product that’s delivered late or that isn’t the quality you expected. Likewise, there’s nothing worse than working with a contractor who over promises and under delivers. Whatever area of your life, try to work with the best that you can and to buy the best products you can. Can you imagine anything more uncomfortable than ordering a gift for someone and having it finally show up days or weeks after the special event. Sometimes we try to save money by using cheaper services, but in my experiences you almost always end up disappointed. If you’re looking for something with a fast turn around 4imprint offers a 24 hours turn-around service on some of its promotional products for consumers, marketers and businesses with tight deadlines to meet ensuring that you’re never caught out!

2. Slow Down

Modern life is busy, we are expected to do so many things at once. We need to juggle work life, friends, family, often multiple jobs, side hustles, debts, pets, and anything else life throws at us. Another theory that could explain the increase in people becoming more impatient is due to the fact that everything on the Internet is instant, meaning whenever you’re online, you don’t have to wait for anything. It could make other areas of your life seem more frustrating because they’re less gratifying. Any way that you can intentionally slow down and enjoy it will help improve your patience. Take your dogs on a long walk and leave your phone at home. Do a yoga class a few times a week. Download a meditation app and try to set aside ten minutes every evening. Take a hot bath without your phone. Switch your phone to airplane mode. Find a nice park and read a book in the sunshine. There are so many ways you can slow down, detach, and make yourself feel more relaxed.

3. Exercise

Exercise is a wonderful thing because it is something that can have many benefits in your life. It can help you become healthier, more fit, improve your body composition and your confidence, help you feel more energised, improve your mood, and it can even be a fun thing to do with friends. If you’re currently not exercising, try to add a few sessions a week to your routine and you’ll quickly see the benefits in your daily life. It should help you become more patient, due to the endorphins that get released after each session.

While its normal to get impatient sometimes, if you’re finding that it’s becoming more and more of a trend for you, you might want to implement these three tips to lower your stress levels and help yourself be more patient. If you’re interested in learning more about how we as a nation are changing, the promotional products retailer’s reveals the true extent to which Britain has become an impatient nation having published a new report with plenty of interesting facts and figures that may surprise you!

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