Health Problems You’ll Face As You Age And How To Fix Them

At a certain point, you’ll reach an age where life stops giving and starts taking away. Unfortunately, for some, this will come sooner rather than later. Others will live their whole life without any health issues at all. Many will claim this is because they are leaving a more healthy lifestyle and others will say it is merely the luck of the draw. Perhaps because no one wants to admit that to live longer, we have to give up some of the best things in life. Fried meat, fast food, alcohol and pizza to name just a few. The good news is that thanks to advances in medicine and general common sense, most age health related issues can now be dealt with.


Middle Age Spread

Don’t let the PC branding fool you. Middle Age Spread is dad bod. It’s been given a more politically correct name but make no mistake; it’s the same thing. Once your belly starts to swell over your six pack, you’ve got dad bod. Or, if your chest starts to rival the size of your wife’s, it is dad bod. For girls, the first sign of middle age spread is those dreaded stretch marks. Most people get stretch marks at some point in their life, but it’s when they become more common you know you’re packing on pounds. To get rid of your dad bod issues, you just need to start regulating your diet more. One idea is to remove gluten from your diet completely. Taking gluten out of your diet will certainly improve your body. Aside from this, you just need to make sure you’re spending a little time exercising each and every day.

Hearing Issues

Do you love listening to music on your iPhone every day? Or, are you a constant attendee at some of the best music concerts of the year. Either way, you’ll probably find that you develop hearing issues before you reach the age of forty. There is only so much that our ears can take before they are permanently damaged. In the past, hearing aids were annoying and obvious. Now, you can get hearing aids from an audiologist that are barely noticeable unless someone is staring straight down your earhole. It’s a good job too because you can bet most of the naughties generation are going to need them.

Bad Teeth

At a certain age, it doesn’t matter how regularly you brush your teeth or how often you use mouthwash. Your teeth are going to start to look more yellow than white. At this point, you have two options. You can either admit defeat and let your hygienist do their best work every three months. Or, you can get a teeth whitening treatment. With teeth whitening, your gnashers can be pearly white again, giving you a youthful smile. It’s a little-known fact that when judging your age one of the first things people look at is your teeth.

Have you started to experience any of these health issues yet? If so we hope these fixes help you find your youth once more.


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