Introduction to Holistic Nursing

Are you looking for a career that is rewarding, lucrative, and people-oriented? Healthcare is one such sector of the economy that continues to add new and dynamic positions that offer great benefits, long-term stability, and the opportunity to grow. If you are interested in working in a challenging field where you get to make a difference every day then healthcare might be the perfect field to pursue. Most individuals in the healthcare field have professional degrees and attaining that education is now easier than ever before.

A New and Emerging Nursing Sub-Field: Holistic Nursing

If you want to pursue a degree that will allow you to work in the healthcare field, consider specializing in holistic nursing. Holistic nursing is a career that combines a philosophy of caring for the whole person with adding the newest scientific and medical advances for the best treatment of the patient. Nursing is no longer all about prescriptions and medications but rather addressing the patient’s emotional and spiritual health as well. Nursing practitioner programs allow you to pursue this emergent sub-specialty of holistic nursing that increasingly in-demand.

Options for Becoming a Holistic Nurse

If you are interested in helping people by crafting holistic treatment plans then you should consider obtaining your nurse practitioner degree. This degree will give you the training and education necessary for pursuing this career path. Doctor of nursing practice programs are specially formulated to give you the scientific and technical training coupled with a value driven education necessary to become the most competitive holistic nurse. Regis College offers online programs that allow you the flexibility to pursue your nurse practitioner doctorate degree without sacrificing the individualized attention of other programs.

Holistic Nursing Can Broaden Your Future

Going back to school to start in one of many nurse practitioner programs is the first step to becoming a holistic nurse and diversifying your career prospects. An online doctor of nursing practice program is just the starting point to become a nursing program coordinator or administrator. As patients increasingly consider wellness as a multifaceted experience, holistic nurses will become some of the most competitive healthcare professionals in the field. Holistic nurses are projected to increase in demand and the salaries for such positions are on track to be higher than general registered nurses. If you’re considering going back to school, don’t delay choosing a nurse practitioner degree as it covers the whole spectrum of nursing and goes more in-depth.


There are more options today than ever before to specialize in the healthcare field, and now you longer have to sacrifice a salary or benefits if you are inspired to pursue a degree that helps people in your community. The healthcare sector is searching for individuals who are caring, independent, and flexible learners, individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others. If this sounds like your dream career, don’t hesitant in finding a degree program that can start your journey towards making a living as a healthcare professional.

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