Is It Time You Saw A Therapist?

Have you been down a lot recently? If you feel constantly unhappy or stressed, and find it incredibly difficult to cheer yourself up, it could be time to see a therapist. A therapist is a health professional who has been trained to discuss emotional problems with patients. They work closely with people who have mental health issues. But they also talk to people who just need someone to have a confidential chat with. Do you think you need to book a  consultation with a therapist? Here are some of the tell-tale signs.


You Have Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Sometimes our physical symptoms can be a sign that we are experiencing great stress or emotional problems. Some psychological strains can lead to various symptoms. Like stomach cramps, constant headaches, and regular colds. First of all, visit your family doctor to see if he can find a physical cause. If he or she is unable to, then they might refer you to a therapist. If they don’t, and send you home without answers, then it could be a good idea to find your own therapist who can help.

You Rely On Alcohol

There is nothing wrong with having a single glass of wine after a busy day at work. But if you start to drink more and have fewer days without an alcoholic drink, you may be relying on alcohol to get you through stressful periods. There are specialist therapists who work with addictions at rehab centers up and down the country. You shouldn’t let the cost of rehab put you off seeking help, as you can get insurances to cover fees. For more information, you can read more on


There Is Added Pressure At Work

You might find that a lot of stress at work can easily spill into your private life. If you are already struggling with mental health issues or psychological problems, this can make things a lot worse. Whenever extra stresses make it a lot more difficult to cope, you should seek professional help. Especially if the quality of your work starts to slip because of all the added pressure. Talk to a therapist before it gets too late and the slip in quality of your work leads to you losing your job.

Your Relationship Becomes Strained

Do you find it increasingly hard to speak to your partner about how you feel? If so, you might both benefit from booking a consultation with a relationship therapist. They will talk to you both at the same time and encourage you to be open with one another. This can help you work through your problems together. There are even specialist therapists who can help you with your sex life. There are many psychological effects that can play havoc with our sex drives. If you and your partner are having issues, speak to your family doctor to see if he or she can refer you to a sex therapist like

Feeling like the world is getting on top of you? Then it probably is time to give a therapist a call.

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