Pick One Of These Small And Manageable Changes To Improve Your Health

Being healthy is important, there is no getting around it. If we are healthy, we aren’t bogged down by pain. We have more energy and are likely to live longer too. That it why is should be a priority for everyone. But getting healthy, well that’s another matter, isn’t it? Getting healthy seems like a lot of work. It seems like you have to make massive sweeping changes to your lifestyle that are difficult and unmanageable. But is that really the case? In fact, it isn’t. Small and manageable changes are much better because you’re much more likely to stick to them and succeed in the long run. Read on to find out more.


Take a walk

The first small and manageable change you can make that will benefit your health is to walk more. Get off a bus a stop early. Make a date with the dog for an evening walk every day. Or drop the car for shorter journeys and get your trainers on instead.

Walking is a wonderful exercise. It opens up the lungs and gets the blood pumping. When you walk, you use the largest muscle groups in your body, the legs. So it’s also a pretty effective way to start burning some calories as well. Start slow and build up the speed and duration of your walks as you get more confident. You’ll definitely notice the difference.

Swap tobacco for e-cigarettes

Did you know that round of 15% of adults in the US smoke? If you are one of those people, you should definitely consider doing something about this very unhealthy habit. The problem is that not only is nicotine addictive, but you have heard it all before, right? You know the dangers and how much it costs you. But going cold turkey is so unpleasant that you keep putting it off.

Well, there are now other options that can help you give up your tobacco addiction. Firstly you can try tobacco replacement products like sprays and patches, which can help you fight the craving as you wean yourself off it.

Or you can go for an e-cigarette. These are vaping pens that emulate smoking but don’t contain the awful added ingredients that tobacco does. You fill them with flavored e-liquids, and you can smoke them instead of actual cigarettes. Some liquids have nicotine in, but you can eventually switch down to 0 to be free of the addiction completely.  

Eat more not less

Another small way of getting healthier is by changing your diet. But if the thought of giving up all your favorite foods is too much to bear, why not try introducing new foods into your diet instead.

This can work well because so many of us associate diets with denying ourselves and going without. By introducing healthy items into your meals like fruits and vegetables, that you may not have tried before, you can increase the nutritional load of your diet. This is as well as getting more fiber and staying fuller for longer. Which, in turn, can help you steer clear of sugary and fatty snacks in between meals.


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