Simple Ways to Prioritise Your Health This year

Your health is your biggest asset, without it, everything else will fall apart. Many of us go through live acting like we’re unbreakable and that there’s nothing our bodies can’t handle. But as we get older, and things slowly start to wear down, it becomes obvious how important our health is and how we should invest in it. No matter what your starting point is, prioritising your health is one of the smartest moves you can make. If you’re interested in ways you can make your health a priority, here are my top tips for getting started on a healthy path for 2019:

1. Look at Your Diet
The food that you put in your body has the potential to harm or heal you – it’s up to you what you choose. What you have occasionally wont make much of a difference to your health, it’s the things that you’re constantly eating that will have the biggest impact. If your diet is mostly made up of processed foods, then chances are that you’re not getting the nutrients that you need to sustain yourself. This can effect everything from your energy levels, your gut health, right through to your mood! If you can commit to eating real, healthy food around 80% of the time, then for the rest of the time you can probably treat yourself while still having a healthy balance.
2. Don’t Forget Your Teeth
With dental care I think a lot of people mistakingly only worry about their teeth when they’re experiencing pain. By this stage, usually, damage has already been done. It’s much better to have your teeth regularly looked at so you can prevent costly repairs or substantial damage to your teeth. I’m a big believer in visiting the dentist at least twice a year for cleaning and check ups. Talk to your dentist about how frequently they think you need to come in based on the condition of your teeth. I think it’s a lot cheaper to pay for regular checkups than to have to pay for some expensive repairs when something goes wrong. Check out this website for some great dentist options.

3. Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs
Usually things don’t happen overnight when it comes to your body, more often than not a slight niggle will eventually turn into a bigger pain that you can no longer ignore. Likewise, a ringing in your ear might progress into something much louder and more intense as time goes on. I think it’s better to get things checked out when they first start because it means that you will have more options for treatment and care. If you leave it too long, you will likely be at the mercy of whatever option will work at the current stage of your illness or issue. Whether you think you need to seek tinnitus treatment or palliative care for cancer the sooner you seek care, the better outcome you can expect. It’s just simply not worth putting things off when it comes to your health.

Your health is something you just can’t afford to mess around with. Use these three tips to ensure that this year is the healthiest year for you ever!

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