Testing Yourself At Home- Make Sure You Are Clean

A hair follicle drug test is one of the most dreaded tests. It is accurate and can trace drug components in your body for the last 90 days. It is almost impossible to cheat the follicle drug test by fabricating samples as no privacy is needed in obtaining the sample like the urine drug test. If you have been informed about a hair follicle drug test and you are a heavy smoker, then you ought to be scared.

However, it is possible to pass the drug test despite being a frequent smoker or drug user. Detox is the best and most convenient way to pass a drug test. But you need to refrain from using the drug while doing a detox. To achieve desirable results ensure you detox your hair more than 15 times before the hair follicle drug test. The method is not 100% accurate but will work when used in the right way.

How do you pass a hair follicle drug test with detox shampoo and other methods?


1) Use of aloe rid

The old style type of aloe rid is the most effective detox for your hair. Use it on hair 3 to 4 times on hair daily days before the test. Massage it through here and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. The detox removes toxins in your hair follicle. The drug components in your hair will be minimal thus undetectable during the test. It is known to work wonders for many years. Regardless its price being high it will assist you to pass the drug test.

2) Clear choice shampoo

A purifier accompanies a clear choice of shampoo. Though it is not as effective as the old style aloe rid it is the best alternative. When you use the shampoo regularly, it leaves the cortex exposed allowing the purifier to eliminate toxins located in the cortex and shaft. It is ideal than the aloe rid shampoo as it is cheaper and readily available in the market, though the aloe rid is more robust and will work better.

3) Macujo method

It is a step to step process that involves various products. Follow the following steps for useful results:

  • Massage Heinz vinegar slowly into the scalp,
  • Massage clear and clean into hair and let it combine with the Heinz vinegar in your hair,
  • Rinse off the Heinz vinegar and bright, clean components using aloe rid shampoo,
  • Finally, add laundry detergent into your hair and wash it slowly.

The process needs to be repeated for a minimum of 5 times for desired results. Macujo method is useful to remove any drug traces on your hair follicles. It also cleanses your scalp of all toxins to ensure the level of drug component in your hair is minimal as such cannot be detected. It is sufficient for both frequent and infrequent drug users.

The components are mild on your skin and may lead to undesirable side effects on your scalp and hair. If you have sensitive skin, you can consider using another detox method. As damaged hair follicles will raise the alarm during the test. The consequences of cheating a drug test lead to hefty penalties.

4) Jerry G method

It is almost similar to the macujo method but uses different ingredients. It follows the following procedure:

  • Apply peroxide bleach on your hair,
  • Dye your hair thoroughly using ammonia powder,
  • Wash off the peroxide and ammonia using a toxin shampoo,
  • Finally, rewash your hair using baking soda and rinse off with the shampoo again.

The steps should be repeated at least 5 times to wash off toxins in your hair follicle effectively. The components can irritate your hair and is itchy to your skin. Ensure you don’t contact your face with the elements. It is not guaranteed for the method to work due to various reasons, refraining from the drug is essential to ensure you don’t jeopardize your career.

5) Hair razor

The hair razor directly targets the hair follicle. The hair razor is packed in sets. The first set is the treatment gel and the second set is used to cleanse the gel. The hair razor is not 100% accurate but works well with infrequent drug users. If you are a heavy drug user, this method may not work for you. It breaks down the drug components into a dead skin( keratin structure) which is easily removed through washing your scalp.

6) Synergy detox liquid

It is a useful method for light smokers. If you are highly intoxicated with drugs, this method will fail you terribly. It reduces the toxins in your hair strands. It can’t be able to remove high amounts of toxins thus only use it if you are an infrequent drug user. If the toxins level is minimal, they are not detectable in a lab test. It is a good method on how to pass a hair follicle drug test with detox shampoo.

7) Scalp massage

It is only applicable for a one-time or two-times drug user. Otherwise, if you are a frequent or infrequent user, it will not work. Massage allows for increased blood circulation in your head. Massage will enable toxins eliminated from your scalp. Doing it will allow removal of dead skin that contains toxins and replacement of a new surface that is free from the drug toxins.

Bottom Line

The methods are not 100% efficient and if you want desirable results detox frequently following the right procedure. However, don’t detox while using the drugs as it will not work since new toxins are being introduced in the hair cuticle.

Abstinence from the drugs is the only 100% method to pass any drug test according to this website. If you value your career refrain from the use of narcotics entirely, if that is not possible you can use the detox method to pass a hair follicle drug test. Drugs are retained in the body system for an extended period thus if you face a drug test abruptly follow the methods to ensure you maintain your job.

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