The Best Advice For College Students Looking To Stay Healthy

Every year there are students graduating from college in a much more unhealthy state than when they started. Years of the ‘college life’ can be brutal on your body and so many students gain weight and become unhealthy. This post will address this issue and give you the best advice to stay healthy during college.


Make Exercise A Priority

The problem many college students have is that they don’t prioritize exercise over anything. They put it way down on their list and come up with hundreds of reasons to not do it. If you want to be healthy, you have to make exercise a priority. Put college work first and exercise second above all other things. You can easily get up earlier in the morning and go for a run around campus or run to your lectures. Running to and from your lectures is such a simple way to exercise and stay fit. Then, you have things like HIIT that only takes up half an hour of your day. Instead of spending half an hour watching Netflix, do some HIIT in your dorm room. Heck, you could even put on your favorite show while you work out!


Stay Clear Of Drugs

Every college student should know that drugs are bad. The problem is, drugs are everywhere in colleges up and down the country. It’s easier than ever for students to find dealers and get their hands on drugs. Then, when one student has drugs, it’s easy for other students to get them too. I’m willing to bet that there will be drugs at every party you go to in college. Things like marijuana are incredibly popular and easy to get your hands on. My advice is to stay away from drugs for multiple reasons. For one, if you get caught in possession of drugs then you’ll need a pretty good drug offense lawyer to get you off scot free. Secondly, drugs are awful for your health. They can damage you both physically and mentally. If you’re ever offered any drugs, refuse them and go about your business. If you’re looking to stay healthy in college, then you have to steer clear of drugs at all costs.


Buy Healthy Foods

A huge issue college students face is that they enter new territory. When you go to college, it’s probably the first time in your life you have to buy and cook your food. Normally, you rely on your parents to buy your food and cook you nice healthy meals. In college, people have a tendency to buy cheap and unhealthy meals or get takeouts. Instead, you need to buy and keep healthy foods in your dorm at all times. If you’ve only got health ingredients, then you can only make healthy meals! It’s so simple, and there are loads of quick things you can make that are perfectly healthy for you.


If you want to stay healthy and keep yourself in good shape, then you need to follow this advice. Follow it throughout your college years, and you’ll feel much better when you graduate.


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