The Ultimate Guide To Lifelong Good Health

When you’re young, it’s very easy to live your life in the here-and-now. Living moment to moment is easy. You have few responsibilities, and few financial commitments or worries. Your body is youthful – fit, fast, agile, and beautiful. Thoughts of retirement never cross your mind. And there is never any question of limits. The world is your oyster as they say. You can do and be whatever you want.

But there will come a time when you approach your midlife, that you could start to see the tell-tale signs of aging creeping in. Your face may sag a little and feature a few deep lines and wrinkles. Maybe the odd gray hair has appeared. You’ve got a few more things to worry about as well. Your career, your spouse, your kids and your mortgage may be on your mind a lot. But it’s your body that’s bothering you the most. It’s slow, lethargic, and achy. Your physical shape may not be as pleasing as you want. And your health may be in poor shape too.

So how do you avoid starting the second half of your life with health problems? And how can you be sure that you can spend the rest of your life enjoying the pleasures your body can bring you rather than the woes of illness? Check out this ultimate guide to lifelong good health, and get started today!



This is one of the biggest causes of ill health and poor physical form today. They say what you put in is what you’re going to get out. Your eating habits in youth could certainly influence your tastes and habits as you continue to age. Good habits now could help promote routines and tastes that will stand you in good stead until the day you die.

Avoid excess fats. It does your body no good, and it can even cause you a lot of harm. Aside from increasing your chances of obesity, saturated fats can be full of cholesterol known to block your arteries. Anything that reduces the effects of blood flow around the body can be considered extremely dangerous. There are good fats that you should consume in moderation. Those that are derived from plants are usually the kind that are OK.

Fish oils are thought to be beneficial to your health. Omega 3 has been considered to improve brain function among other benefits. You can find supplements that offer this oil or choose a vegetarian alternative. Fresh vegetables provide vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and cells. You may also need to consume minerals like calcium and proteins to ensure a healthy diet. Speak to your nutritionist if you have special dietary needs.



Most of us struggle to drink enough water. There are lots of excuses for it. You may have been too busy, or you just didn’t feel that thirsty. Some scientists have suggested that proper hydration can stave off mental confusion. This makes drinking plenty of water a habit you should keep for life. Water can be used to flush through your body when you’ve overindulged, or you’re feeling under the weather. And it can also reduce those hunger pangs we all get from time to time.


Alcohol not only contains a lot of calories per drink, but it can lead to serious health complaints. Some scientists have suggested that a glass of red wine a couple of times each week could actually help reduce high blood pressure. However, there are many healthier ways to do that! Alcohol is highly addictive. It alters your body chemistry, and it alters your mood. Your judgment is almost immediately impaired, and your inhibitions can be lost.

Alcohol can easily impair and damage the liver. It may also cause problems for those with sensitive kidneys. One of the least known problems is how it affects your sleep. The quality and quantity of your sleep may be drastically impaired by even a small amount of alcohol. This, in turn, means your body cannot regenerate or heal as well overnight. And your memories may not be filed away effectively in your mind either. For good health, try to avoid alcohol.


There will be times when your doctor prescribes you medication. Some of the side effects may cause other health problems. However, it’s really important to discuss your medication in detail with your doctor before you refuse to take it. We are all aware of the harm that other recreational or banned substances can do to our bodies. The quality and effect of these drugs cannot be measured, predicted or controlled. Prescription medication has undergone rigorous testing.



When we’re keen to lose some weight we often start vigorous exercise programs to help us burn off as much fat as we can. However, these are not programs that can be kept up for life. It’s important to find activities that you love doing. These should be activities you can do through to old age. Walking, swimming, Yoga, and Tai Chi are all ideal activities that can be enjoyed at any age.

In youth, it is worth keeping your body physically fit. This can improve your metabolism, immune system, and energy levels. It’s easy to drop fitness programs. You may be busy, or family could keep you at home more. However, continuing to keep your body in good fitness will help it stay in good health too. It’s good for the body and the mind. And if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!


Many fans of Yoga delight in the many health benefits it can bring. It is one of those activities that anyone of any fitness level can manage because it is tailored to your body. The poses and meditations are designed to promote physical strength. They can improved posture, and offer better mental focus. The special breathing techniques are cleansing, energizing, and relaxing.

Yoga can help improve your stamina, strength, and physical fitness too. For many who reach a grander age, the exercises can provide better stability and mental stimulation for an elderly body. If you’ve never tried something like Yoga before, why not try a set of classes to see if you can benefit from this activity. You can also use websites like to find Yoga exercises at home.


Oral Health

Your mouth is the gateway to your insides. What goes in there can certainly have some dramatic effects on your body. It’s really important to maintain excellent oral health. As we age, the gums can recede, the enamel and wear and the teeth can loosen. But none of these things need to result in tooth loss as we get older. You can protect your smile into your twilight years with a few simple tricks.

Make sure you have a great dental plan to cover the cost of any problems. If you’re not sure what needs to be covered, have a look at for some ideas. Poor oral health has been linked to life-threatening conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Having a good plan in place means you are protected from any dental problems that could cause ill health.


Brushing is not enough. It’s important to ensure no food particles are left at the gum line or between the teeth. Flossing every night and using interdental brushes can make sure your gums are free from debris. Not only could little bits of food cause infections and gum disease, but it can rot your tooth too. This is painful and can quickly lead to tooth loss. Use protective mouth wash to rid the mouth of any germs and bacteria.


Many of us are keen to make a success of ourselves. We work hard building up a great career so we can celebrate our achievements. Sadly, this can cause many health problems. High blood pressure from stress can lead to heart problems and stroke. See for symptoms of a possible stroke. Stress can also cause dramatic weight gain or weight loss. Stress will show on your skin, in your posture, and in your sleep patterns. Once you have enough stress hormone active in your body, you may find it incredibly hard to get rid of it.

The importance of preventing stress is something that we must all consider. Knowing when to take a break can help prevent it occurring. Exercise, meditation, reading fiction, and even sleeping can all help prevent stress. There are so many different ways to relax. Stroking a cat, playing with your children, or just sitting on the beach might work for you. But it’s important you do them every day so you can fully unwind.

Take days off, and enjoy a vacation once in awhile. Soak in the bath or dance to your favorite disco beats! It doesn’t matter how you like to relax so long as you give yourself enough ‘me’ time to do it. Stress can lead to a shorter life and lots of ill health. Prevent it now to enjoy a healthier future.

Prevention is always better than cure. But if you ever do have health worries, don’t put them off or give them excuses. Catching problems early prevent them becoming more serious. Take care of your health.


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