Tips for traveling to Orlando with kids

As the weather gets cooler, you may soon be planning a vacation with your family. For many people, the obvious choice is Florida, where the weather is great throughout the year. This is a particularly great destination for kids, with plenty of awesome things to do, but it’s a good idea to do your homework and prepare in advance. Besides packing the right clothes or baby swing, there are other things you need to think about.

Here are some top tips for traveling to Orlando with kids:


Plan in advance

While Orlando is a great place to visit without any firm plans when you’re child-free, we all know that this is a little different when you have kids. Sure, it’s a good idea to have a few days where you can choose what you want to do when you’re on the ground, but pre-planning is a good idea when it comes to ensuring that you can do the things you’d like to do once you’re there. For example, some attractions tend to book out fast, and others require tickets which can mean standing in line- something that’s no fun to do in the heat with kids. This is particularly true for the theme parks, and getting tickets in advance can help you beat some of the crowds. 

Hire a car

If there’s one tip that anyone traveling with kids should take on board, it’s that it’s a good idea to hire a car when in Orlando. That’s because car rental in Orlando can actually save you money when you consider how much you’d spend on Ubers and taxis- not to mention the time savings., is a good place to rent a car. With a car, you can easily get from place to place without waiting for public transport or Uber, which means you can also likely see more in less time- saving on accommodation as

Choose the right time to go

As mentioned, the weather is great in Orlando, with mild winters and lots of sun. However, there’s little question that the shoulder season and winter can be better if you’re traveling with kids. The summers can be too hot- especially if you’ll be hitting the theme parks and hanging out at the beach. Just avoid school vacation if possible, since this is when Orlando gets crowded and accommodation gets more expensive.

Plan to relax

Unfortunately, many parents are so fixated on making sure their kids have an amazing vacation that they forget to plan for some time for the whole family to just relax and enjoy hanging out together. There are so many great activities and sights to see in Orlando that it can be tempting to make sure your schedule is jam-packed with things to do. Unfortunately, this can mean that you end up with temper tantrums from exhausted kids. Make sure that you rent a car to make things easier for the kids. Also, leave plenty of time for naps, time by the hotel pool, and time for sandcastles at the beach.

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