5 Tech Tools You’ll Need If You Want To Work From Home

When it comes to working and earning money, for some us, doing this from home is an option. Perhaps you’ve finally convinced your employer to let you do a day or two a week out of the office. Maybe you’re striking out on your own as self-employed and plan to work from home until you can afford you own office. Or perhaps you are finishing up your maternity leave and want to ease back into office life more steadily.

Whatever the scenario, there are certain things you will need if you want to work from home. In this article, we look at five tech tools it is time to get hold of.


Desktop Computer

The first one may seem pretty obvious, but there is a real distinction between a laptop and a desktop computer. Having a desktop will make all the difference to your levels of comfort, and how long you are able to work happily for. A bigger screen is far better for your eyes, and you are likely to get a desktop computer far bigger than you laptop. Of course, working from your laptop occasionally is fine, but using a bigger screen is always better. Put it on a shelf or stand so that it is at eye line height, and your posture will be correct also.

You should also assure you have all the necessary software on your desktop. If for example you’re being trusted to handle lots of data, you should look at installing data analysis software to protect and manage everything efficiently.



Sure you can make do with your mobile phone, to begin with. But there are numerous reasons why a landline is preferable. First off, it makes your business look more professional. Secondly, it means that if someone needs to get in touch with you urgently, they have two potential ways of reaching you by phone. Third, you may not feel comfortable or willing to give your mobile number to certain people.



You may at first thought think that you can make do without a printer. However, go without one and you will quickly come unstuck. There will be all sorts of things you need to print. Weekly schedules that you want in paper form. Invoices and contracts that you need to have signed by hand. It may be wise to get a printer/scanner combo so that you cover all bases. This also allows to send items back with ease.

Of course, if you have a printer you will also need printer ink & toner, but you can order them online quickly and easily. Getting it online usually gives you the best price also.


Wireless mouse and keyboard

Invest in both a keyboard and a mouse that is wireless. You want to keep your desk as clean and clear as possible. Wires coming out of two of your main tech tools will only get in the way. They may also restrict your movement, especially for your mouse. Wireless ones are affordable these days. They work by plugging in a tiny device to the USB port on your computer.



Finally, a piece of tech software. There are various options these days for online chat systems, but Skype is still in the lead. This means that most of the people you will want to speak to will already have access to it. Download Skype for free if you haven’t already, and be able to chat or video conference in real-time with contacts and colleagues.

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