7 Signs You Are Developing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of those things that happens as you get older. But it can also happen to the young if they aren’t taking care of their ears. Either way, it can be a subtle process that goes on for a long time – and you might not realize you are developing a problem. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through seven of the red flags you need to watch – or listen – out for. Let’s get started right away and see if your hearing is up to scratch.

You struggle to hear in group situations

If you are noticing that you are struggling to keep up with the conversation when in a group, it’s a sure sign that something is up. As you lose your hearing, you will start to find it hard to pick out individual voices and noises – everything becomes an aural blur. You might be fine in a one-to-one situation, but if things are getting muffled there could be an issue. Make sure you check in with your doctor and see if you can get treatment as soon as possible.


You are always mishearing people

If you constantly find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, it’s another sign that your hearing is going. Again, this can develop slowly over time, so it’s vital to think carefully about how often this is occurring.

Someone tells you that you are going deaf

People make jokes about the onset of deafness all the time. While it’s easy to shake these off, it’s important to take note, too. They might have a point, so if it happens often, make sure you get a hearing check-up from your physician.

People make complaints

When you are losing your hearing, you have no idea how loud you are being. People with poor hearing tend to listen to music or watch TV at excessive volumes. So, if your neighbors or family start to complain about the audio levels, be aware it could be a sign of hearing loss. Get help sooner rather than later. Hearing aids can help you hear things better, of course. But they can also salvage your relationships with annoyed neighbors and housemates!

You feel tired after listening

People with poor eyesight get tired when they have to look at something for long periods of time. It’s the same with hearing loss. You will have to concentrate hard during speeches and presentations, and it can take make you tired and irritable. Make sure you recognize how you feel after long periods of listening and do something about it if it’s causing you a problem.

You miss calls and visits

Missing phone calls and the house bell ringing? If so, it’s more than likely you are struggling with hearing loss. If you notice this happening, act fast. Most experts say that it can take ten years or so before people notice they have hearing loss. If you can recognize the cues earlier, it can lead to a better outcome.

Please see your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from hearing loss! Doing so will enable you to deal with the problem and enjoy many more years of hearing well.


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