Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Here’s why you should own a motorcycle

If you own a business and you’ve been thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, you may be surprised to learn that the two of these things actually go hand-in-hand. In fact, the techniques and skills necessary to successfully ride a motorcycle can also be directly transferred to your daily business life.

Not convinced? Here’s how:

A business is a marathon, not a sprint

The first thing you’ll learn as a biker, is how to get from point A to point B, both safely and successfully. Motorcycle riders need to find the right destination, decide on the right route, and then prepare for the unexpected. In fact, bikers are excellent at overcoming adversity along the way, like terrible weather (or the economy), horrible road conditions (fluctuations in the market), and bad car drivers (competitors). Both riding a motorcycle and business are designed for you to get where you need to go: one physically, and one economically.

You’ll assume risk

When you’re riding a motorcycle, like it or not, you have to assume reasonable risk. You’ll need timing, awareness, and attention to detail, meaning instead of overcoming your fear, you’re understanding it. The same goes for business, and when you’re on a rollercoaster as an entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that riding scared is likely to land you in the hospital or bankrupt.

You’ll get creative

When the economy is terrible, and businesses are going under, it’s important to understand that if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re going to get the results that everyone else is getting. Motorcycle owners are pros at doing their own maintenance, figuring things out as they go, and even finding parts and accessories like Triumph motorcycle parts, Pirelli tires for motorcycles, and fly jackets online.

There are similar people in both groups

Both entrepreneurs and bikers are similar in many ways. Both are strong-willed, adventurous, and independent, and these groups often cross over in numerous ways. If you head to any biker hangout, you’ll find professionals and business leaders rubbing shoulders with carpenters, mechanics, and full-time bikers. These people often come together in order to celebrate riding as a culture, to exercise their passions and to have frank, real-life conversations that are all about gaining an honest point of view.

Your attitude will change

Ask any business owner or entrepreneur who owns a motorcycle why they ride, and they’ll likely say the same thing: to get away from it all. Many people do their best creative thinking while on the road, and all that time spent in the saddle is likely to give you plenty of tine for your mind to wander which is typically when most people come up with their best ideas.

As you can see there are many different reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs should consider owning a motorcycle, and the two are more closely related than you may have thought.

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