Top things to buy this year

Are you wondering where you should put your hard-earned cash in 2017? It can be hard to know which things are worth spending money on, and which aren’t, but we’ve got a list of some of the best purchases to improve your life in a few small ways.

Here are the top things to buy this year:

Phone case

If you’re the type who always finds themselves carrying around a phone that’s in a worn out, grubby case, now’s the time to do something about it. There are now some incredible cases on the market that can save you lots of space and time, and ensure that you never have to take your handbag out with you on a night out again

Check out the iPhone 7 plus case and card holder, the iPhone 7 wallet case, or the iPhone card holder for some excellent options, and you’ll soon have strangers asking you where you bought your awesome new phone case.


Now that you’ve got a lovely new phone case, it’s time to get your headphones sorted. If you’re the type who constantly buys cheap headphones, only to quickly break them or give up due to the tinny sound, it’s time to invest in a decent pair. Skullcandy has some excellent in-ear headphones that are great for the gym, and if you’re someone who likes to travel a lot, check out the Bose noise cancelling headphones as well.


If you’re still using the old, worn sheets you had in high school, it’s time to upgrade. You’ll find that some nice sheets aren’t as expensive as you probably thought they would be, and if you’re truly looking to splurge, consider investing in a silk pillowcase- these are proven to help with your skin (they prevent fine lines from forming), and you’ll also be much more likely to wake up to a good hair day (they prevent hair from frizzing and tangling at night).


If you work online, or simply find yourself spending a large amount of time with your laptop on your lap, it may be time for an upgrade. A few key signs that it’s time to get a new laptop? If you notice that you have to charge it much more than usual (and it’s only getting an hour or less of battery life) or it always needs to be plugged in, it’s getting incredibly hot and the fan is continually running, it keeps freezing or shutting down, or it’s simply too heavy and you’re getting a back or shoulder ache from lugging it around all the time.

My favourite laptop is the MacBook Air, which is an excellent option if you’re someone who likes to take your laptop out with you to school, work, or a cafe. You can even put it in your handbag and since it’s so light, you may find yourself forgetting it’s there. If you’re not prepared to spend this kind of cash, there are plenty of good, less expensive substitutes on the market as well.

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