Becoming Self-Aware: Using Tech And Classic Methods To Improve Learning In The Workplace

Running a business requires making investments on many different levels, from the business itself to a personal investment, to investing in your employees and their future with your company. One way of investing in your employees is to invest in their education under your company. If they can go on a training course to develop skills they have long wanted, or to gain new insights into a new way of working, or for them to work their way up the ladder, this shows initiative and determination. But what can you do to develop your employees’ skills so they can continue to improve?


The first step would be to take a backseat, and I don’t mean to be lazy with your employees, but actually teach your employees to take control of their own career development. As the standard structured learning program which used to fit all with its one size does not seem to work anymore. Instead, you must highlight the importance of an individual taking control of their learning future. However, they are unable to do this alone, and would you want them to make their own education? It could go down the wrong avenues and could be a waste of time when it comes to the progression of your business. Striking a delicate balance of encouragement to go on their own educational pathway, while also guiding them with a soft hand down the route that is right for your business.

Implementing more technology as a means to education in the workplace is incredibly useful, as the popularity of e-learning has shown that when there is down-time with employees, they can carry on with their continual development while not wasting the company’s valuable time. There is also software available such as PeopleSoft mobile, which as an organizational tool helps to structure things like lessons, and generally, works as a useful admin tool.


With the age of technology, it means a general phasing out of the old-fashioned coaching method, whereby someone would coach or mentor an employee, building them up into a solid member of staff. While we have come to rely on technology as a magic bullet, there are some things that can’t replace personal guidance and moral support. The nature of the modern workplace means that managers are now completely oversaturated with work, and are stretched to their capabilities. But it boils down to one fundamental thing, the passion for the work. If there is enough passion from employees as well as from the manager, it might be that organizing a Saturday session will prove very popular. The benefits of having workshops means that people are implementing and practicing ideas that they could use in the workplace. The workshop scenario is something that can send chills down people’s spines, but with the popularity of seminars and dynamic presentations, it goes to show that that art form has not died away just yet!

Supporting your employees can take many forms, from technology to moral support. While understanding that technology has its place in modern society and can convey fantastic learning tools. In conjunction with a personable working environment, this is where skills can truly be developed.

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