These Ideas Might Just Help You To Minimize Your Medication

Taking medication can be a necessary part of life for some people, depending on their illness and a number of different factors. However, many people are taking medication needlessly. They are either taking more than they need to, or taking medication they don’t really need to take at all. Many studies have shown that when given medication that did absolutely nothing, a patient could potentially still improve their condition, not knowing that the medication was a placebo. This goes to show that much of what medication does for us is down to our thoughts and feelings about it. If you use the tips here, you may be able to minimize your medication:


Start Meditating

Meditation may seem silly to some, but you should never judge until you’ve tried it for yourself. Getting into a consistent routine can be difficult, but you don’t need to do it for hours each day for it to work. By simply doing 5-10 minutes a day, you can start experiencing the benefits in your life. Meditation clears your head, helps you to de-stress, makes you happier, and can solve many other problems. You can even download apps to help you get started if you don’t want to meditate alone.

Be More Positive In The Things You Say And Do

It can be difficult if you’re experiencing pain and different problems. However, the things you say and do will greatly affect that. If you tell everybody you meet how bad you feel, then you’re only going to feel worse. Actually trying to feel positive and think positive is a must. If you do this for long enough, your mindset can change and you can actually start to feel better.

Visualize A Healthy, Better You

Visualization is super powerful. It can change the way we think, act, and speak. It can actually attract bigger and better things into our lives. It may seem strange, but you probably know people who do it. Jim Carrey is one huge believer in the power of visualization. He used it to get a check for $10 million before he was a huge actor! If you spend a little time each day, picturing the ‘you’ that you want to be, eventually, your reality will begin to match what you’re imagining.


Get To The Root Of Your Problem

In some cases, there’s a root to the problem that you’re just not getting at. Say you’re extremely stressed, and you have anxiety. You’re taking medication for it. But have you actually eliminated the sources of stress from your life? Have you tried breathing techniques, that can relax you in minutes? You may still need help with prescriptions, but figure out what the root of your problem is and you may be able to avoid taking different medications.


Exercise can help just about anybody, at any stage. No, you won’t always feel like doing it. But you’ll feel amazing once you’ve completed even just a short workout! You need to think about your health in the long run.

Eat Healthier Foods

Healthier foods go hand in hand with exercise, and can help to fend off many illnesses. Pay attention to what you put in your body.

These tips won’t necessarily help you to come off medication, but they could certainly help you to minimize your dosage. At the very least, you’ll feel so much happier!

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