The Tech Concepts Every Business Owner Needs to Understand

When you first start a business, you might need to deal with some basic technology. Perhaps you need to create a network with your computer and your business partner’s computer. But once you start to grow, you think about taking on IT professionals to manage things. They can take care of the more complicated stuff that’s too advanced for you. That’s fine when it comes to extremely technical things that you don’t need to understand. Not everyone can have an IT degree. However, there are some things you still need to know so that you can communicate with your IT staff properly.


Software as a Service

Software as a service (or SaaS) is applications that are stored on a server outside of your office. You can access them from anywhere, which makes them extremely convenient. You’ll also hear terms like cloud computing or cloud storage to refer to these applications. They can offer you a large range of different purposes that will help your business. They’re not just something that your IT team will be interested in. You can use a SaaS app to manage tasks, create documents, and much more. They flexible and often easy to use, and they can reduce the amount of work your IT staff needs to do.

Business Protection

Protecting your business is a major element of running a company that you need to pay attention to. You should know what’s required to protect your IT systems and therefore your business. You have a lot of important information stored in various places, and you don’t want anything to happen to it. It could get into the wrong hands or even disappear forever. Two things to get to grips with are rapid virtual systems failover and data disaster recovery. The first is a way to switch your system over to another quickly to avoid a data disaster. The second involves the tech you can use to get any data back after an incident.



Search engine optimization isn’t the responsibility of your IT team. It’s more likely to be managed by your marketing people. However, it’s still a technical concept that it’s important for you to understand. It’s likely you’ve dabbled in SEO as you started your business. However, things can get a little more complicated as you grow your company. You can let the SEO experts take care of most of it. But it helps if you can understand what they’re saying when they talk to you. While you don’t have to be an expert at the application, it helps to expand your knowledge.

Payment Gateways

So much business is now online, and various tech concepts come with that. When you sell things online, you don’t have a cash register. Instead, you have payment gateways that allow people to pay with credit and debit cards. They encrypt sensitive information and connect sales to banks. It helps to have at least a basic knowledge of how they work and which are best to use.

Don’t think that hiring technical experts gets you off the hook for tech skills and knowledge. Make sure you have at least some basic understanding of important concepts.

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