Cop a Creature in Costa Rica

There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica, and not least because it is known as the World’s Happiest Country. In a beautiful country where the landscape made up of beaches, forests and volcanoes, where the rivers run the bluest of blues and the coffee is second-to-none, there lies a world within which will tug on the heartstrings of almost everyone: a fantastic Animal Kingdom.

While Costa Rica is famous for its happiness and beaches, the sheer variety of creatures who inhabit the land deserve a mention too. If you are planning a holiday there any time soon, you can take some time out on your travels to see everything from fish to amphibians to mammals. The biodiversity that this country has to offer is definitely one to be explored.


Forget anything cute you’ve seen before – they have sloths.

Three-toed sloths live in within the depths of the jungle canopy, often quite high-up, so they can be hard to spot. While they are not native to Costa Rica especially, they are unique to South America and cannot survive outside of a climate other than the one that a tropical rainforest can provide – and so this would be a perfect chance to get a glimpse.

If you are interested in animals along the same line of the sloth (although of course there is nothing quite like them), stay within the jungle. It is worth mentioning that it is recommended paying for a guide to take you around the rainforest rather than exploring yourself; where creatures such as Ocelots and Coatimundis may sound and look interesting, it is important to remember that they are wild animals who need to be approached with caution and respect. The guides are aware of this and will more than likely know the best places and times to spot them – remember to try and make use of this fountain of knowledge for tips on flora and fauna in other places should you wish to extend your travels.

Should you wish to interact with the animals on a one-to-one basis or get closer to them, you could give up your time to do so – there are plenty of places to volunteer in Costa Rica. It offers a solution where you can holiday whilst giving something back to the beautiful country that you are residing in. There are plenty of animals to work with, from the white-headed capuchin monkey to huge crocodiles – they all need help to be cared for and rehabilitated. Not only will it have been a great experience, but you can get further use out of your experience as it will be a beneficial addition to your CV.

Wherever you go, there will be something that David Attenborough would be eager to catch on camera. Native birds include hummingbirds and vultures, whereas in the sea you can find turtles, dolphins and even humpback whales should the season be right. There is certainly not a lack of different creatures to go and see, so forget days spent lounging on the beach – you’ll certainly catch a tan whilst exploring what Costa Rica really has to offer…

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