Packing for a winter escape on a yacht

Plan on swapping the snow for the sand this winter? Well make sure before you set off for your white sands Christmas, you know exactly what to pack. Yacht holidays can require some extra consideration when it comes to packing.

Packing for a yacht charter is different to your standard holiday or cruise ship packing. If you’re a seasoned charterer, you’ll know that a private yacht charter requires a different packing strategy, as storage is limited for luggage on board.

  1. Travel Documents

We’ll start from the basics. Packing your passport is an obvious essential, but don’t forget visas, tickets and debit/credit cards, consider purchasing a document holder to keep everything together in one place to make for a manageable and easy journey. Make sure you have travel insurance as well as any vaccinations including documents to prove you have had them.

  1. Clothes

Luckily you shouldn’t need to pack too much, as most of your clothes should be light given the climate you will be packing for. Try to pack enough clothes to meet your daily needs and not pack in excess for ‘in-case’ situations.

Try to pack clothing that can be mixed and matched in complimentary combinations. Try to have at least one relatively smart outfit such as light trousers and collared shirt or a dress, for inland situations such as restaurants, where a dress code is essential- if you intend to eat ashore in a restaurant that is.

And of course, don’t forget to pack your swimwear and a stylish hat to protect you from the sun when cruising around in paradise on Sunseeker yachts.


  1. Shoes

Most shoes are forbidden onboard, as they can damage the flooring, however, certain footwear can be permitted. For example, stylish leather shoes or rubber-soled sandals and tennis shoes are fine for strolling along the deck as the sole is right for it.

One pair of shoes that will come in handy are water shoes. These shoes are ideal for swimming in rocky or pebble covered areas as well as protecting your feet from being caught by coral or sea urchins.

Of course, if you’re planning a specific activity such as hiking or an event, then pack a pair of shoes to suit the occasion. Just remember to take your shoes off again as soon as you are on board.

  1. Accessories

To match your hat, don’t forget to pack sunglasses for those extra bright deck days. If you want variety from the hat, why not bring a bandana or head scarf to switch up your style? It may also be more practical than a hat, should there be a breeze that could potentially send it overboard.

Always remember to have sunscreen on hand, as it is an absolute essential.  However, be cautious with which sun cream you choose, as some contain oils capable of staining decks, as well as the sun loungers and yacht décor.

A definite must have is a camera, to capture the idyllic views and memories you’ll be making on your winter getaway. Finally, be sure to include a book or two or headphones, if you want something to do while you’re relaxing. The calming views surrounding you create the perfect chilled environment to start a new book.

  1. Bags

We recommend packing easily stored bags, such as foldable canvas or duffle bags. Due to the limited storage space, foldable bags are a great option as they can be stored away when you pack. Longchamp foldaway bags are a great example, as you can get a variety of sizes that can easily be compacted away but also look stylish and classy when unfolded for use, and are ideal for taking as hand-luggage on a plane as well as a day bag for travelling ashore.

A great extra bag tip would be to purchase some watertight bags. These will keep your belongings safe and dry on trips to the beach and water based activities such as diving, perfect for concealing phones and books from water damage.

  1. Medication

Should you have any prescription medication, be sure to pack enough for your time offshore, as well as some sea sickness tablets as you can never be too careful.

And of course, have fun! Yacht charter itineraries are worth checking for your destination, so be sure to talk to your yacht charter company for safe and sound advice before you begin your winter voyage.

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