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The financial impact of machine downtime on UK industry

Machine downtime is a major issue for businesses across the UK. If not prepared for, interruptions to appliances can have a significant detrimental impact on the productivity and profit margin of a company. According to a study commissioned by Oneserve, a field service management firm, and carried out in collaboration with UK manufacturers; machine downtime costs the UK approximately £18 billion a year. This is a figure that, if reduced, could boost the British economy at a time when the nation must be an industry powerhouse to combat Brexit anxieties. But what is the true impact of machine downtime in UK industry and what solutions are available? Machine downtime in the UK Machine downtime is any unintentional scenario that causes your company’s manufacturing process to cease. With growing consumerism creating higher demand for products, fast and efficient machine procedures are critical to a firm’s success. But does the impact of…