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The Risks of ADHD Medication

ADHD medications can be helpful for some people. They can help them focus better and reduce their hyperactivity. However, they can be dangerous and addictive. There are a number of problems that can result from using ADHD drugs. High Blood Pressure There are certain ADHD drugs that act as stimulants. A stimulant is a type of drug that speeds up reactions in your body. Stimulants can also raise your heart rate and blood pressure. That is why high blood pressure is a potential side effect of ADHD medications. ADHD drugs can also cause the heart to beat irregularly. This can increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. If you already have heart issues, then this drug can be even more dangerous for you to use. Seizures Certain ADHD drugs can also increase the risk of seizures. The Food and Drug Administration has stated that people who have a history of…