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What We Can Learn From UK’s Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs with Million Pound Business Empires

Most people have heard of some of the United Kingdom’s wealthiest individuals, such as famed author J.K. Rowling or eccentric mogul Richard Branson, but there is a slew of young entrepreneurs in the UK who are making waves in the financial world with various startup businesses. These young entrepreneurs deserve our attention because they just might be doing the things we need to do to get ahead ourselves. Below, take a look at three mini-profiles of some outstanding young entrepreneurs whose stories are sure to inspire. Perlego You’ve heard of online streaming services for movies and music. Surely you’ve streamed some audio books or binge-watched a television show or two. Well, Gauthier Van Malderen and Matthew Davis decided that this type of service would work quite well for textbooks, too, and they started Perlego in 2017. Perlego is essentially an e-commerce site where members can download textbooks for a monthly…