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Recent Study Indicates Over Half of British Tourists have no Travel Insurance

A  recent study by Simpson Millar has shed a concerning light on British travellers, as it revealed that half of the Brits surveyed admitted to travelling completely without insurance. It’s important that Brits take these holidays, as studies show they’re working harder than ever before, with many working an average working week of 44 hours, and some even working more than 50 hours a week (the European average is 40). If you add up holiday time and bank holidays, most Brits should be enjoying around 5.6 weeks of holiday each year, and if used wisely, this should be enough for most people to actually take the time to relax. Some people prefer to stay at home and catch up on their reading and housework when they take some time off, while others prefer to travel to a new country and learn about a new culture. While travelling overseas is an…