5 areas where quality is important

When you’re getting into sports, it can be difficult to know where it’s important to invest more money and where it doesn’t matter so much. So to help you out, here we’ve put together a list of five areas where it’s important to make sure you’re investing in good quality sports equipment.

  1. Bats and rackets

Though the casual player might do just fine with a bat or racket bought randomly at a  sports store, if you play a little more seriously or are looking to compete then it’s important to go a little higher end. Not only will a quality piece of equipment last longer but it will additionally be easier to play with – for example, for tennis players. a high quality tennis racket will be weighted correctly to allow easy playing while a lower quality one might be more unwieldy. Investing in higher quality equipment will enable you to enjoy your sport a lot more.

  1. Running shoes

If you’re someone who just goes one or two kilometers a couple of times a week, then some half decent trainers will probably be okay for your purposes. However, if you’re training for a 5k or running any more often than that it’s really important to get some proper running shoes. Not only will they make your runs more enjoyable by reducing the impact on your feet and knees, they additionally reduce the risk of injury. You can even get a pair that are specifically tailored to your feet for under $100 if you look in the right place – and it’s well worth the investment.

  1. Climbing equipment

For obvious reasons, climbing equipment is  not something you want to go low quality on; when you’re halfway up a mountain or a cliff face, low quality equipment is not only more difficult to use but is a real safety hazard which could even put your life at risk. If climbing is an important hobby to you or even if you’re just starting out on getting your own equipment, make sure you do your research beforehand.

  1. Wet gear

Though wet gear like wetsuits and flippers can seem really expensive, it’s so important to go for quality over price especially if you will be swimming, diving, or boating in colder waters. High quality wet gear will do a much better job of providing you with insulation against cold temperatures and will additionally be easier to move in, while lower quality wet gear can not only be less effective against the cold but additionally more unwieldy and harder to move in, making them harder to use in general.

  1. Protein powder

While this isn’t technically sporting equipment, it feels relevant to point out how important it is to go for quality over quantity when it comes to protein supplements. Firstly, additionally protein should always be part of an existing healthy diet, but additionally it’s important that you do your research and get the right product for you. As well as getting a flavour that you actually enjoy and can add to your favourite recipes, the protein content differs amongst brands so you often get what you pay for – cheaper powder means lower protein content. That said, there are still some great deals out there and some that are hugely overpriced – so basically, make sure you do your research so that you’re happy with what you’re getting!

High quality equipment not only enhances your enjoyment of the sport, but additionally can reduce your risk of injury and make you safer. So when you’re shopping around for your new sports gear, make sure you take quality into account as well as price.

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