6 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Office

Are you working from a home office? Are you still in a traditional office? Either way, you need to consider how much time you spend in your office each day, week, month and year. You may be surprised by how much time you’re really there, especially when you factor in over time and extra hours. Many of us don’t even spare a second to think how we could make our office more inviting or more comfortable. But the simple truth is a few quick changes around the office and we can be left feeling more upbeat, more motivated and more comfortable. I suffer from back pain and never really connected the dots between my old office chair and how much pain I’ve been in lately. This inspired me to spruce up my office and was the reason I came up with this post idea. For my tips on 6 quick ways to spruce up your office, read on:

1. A Quality Office Chair
Good quality office chairs don’t come cheap, you can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to find one that really provides adequate support. Of course there’s going to be an option that works for you within your budget, but you really need to be mindful of what kind of chair you’re sitting in all day. If you have a standard office job, it’s safe to say you’re spending at least seven and a half hours in the same chair, day after day. The truth is, that’s essentially as much time as you spend in bed every night. There’s probably a good chance that you invested in a good quality mattress, but I’m guessing if you are suffering from a stiff back like me, your office chair is low quality? Invest in your comfort and health, and buy a decent chair. If you’re working for a company, you can always take the chair with you if you move on.

A good quality office chair will change your posture, which in itself can help improve focus and productivity. My mentality with office chairs after struggling with back pain is to think of them like a bed: simply buy the best quality that you can afford. Jason L have an extensive range of office chairs at different price points, to ensure no matter your budget you can find a great chair that will provide you with enough support to get through your working days.

2. Photos
Yes, I know you have hundreds of photos on your smartphone that you can easily flick through, but there’s something special about actual printed photos, set in nice frames. Choose some special photos and place them creatively around your office: one of you with your partner, with any special family members and maybe another one of you on a great holiday somewhere. This will help to keep you focused: it will help remind you of your “why” – the reasons why you’re working hard each day, whether it’s to provide for your family, to build a family with someone, or to simply save for your next vacation. Whatever your why, use printed photos to keep you motivated.

3. An Inspirational Quote
It would be impossible to be inspired all the time, especially if you’re working in a creative field or self employed, it’s so easy for your energy to get sucked away. I struggle with focus, especially towards the end of the week, so to help combat this I decided to get one of my favourite quotes printed and hung in my office. Whenever I’m feeling distracted and endlessly scrolling social media, I look at this quote and it helps inspire me. The key thing is to choose a quote that really resonates with you. My partner prefers to keep their quote on their phone screen, where as I like having it physically printed in my office as it catches my attention more sharply. You can browse Pinterest for some good motivational jobs if you’re not sure what you would like to have.

4. Add Some Colour
It’s easy to keep offices in neutral colours, which are often bland: white, grey, beige… it all looks the same really. Add some statement pieces in your office to brighten it up and show off a little ore of your personality. I really love having my own mug, it’s a bright blue colour so adds a good contrast to the plain white of my desk in my office. You can add colour with statement pieces, lamps, cushions, art, colourful stationary pieces, a bright clock: whatever takes your fancy. Adding a bit of colour will ensure your office is somewhere you feel good to be.

5. Good Quality Noise Cancelling  Headphones
If you’re in a creative job, then you’ll find these noise cancelling headphones a God send. As a writer, I really need peace and quiet in order to be able to write my best and also to be able to get through my work relatively fast. Noises in the office really interfere with my productivity. I also really like to listen to music while working and don’t want to bother other colleagues. Noise cancelling headphones ensure that you can control what you’re hearing, which for me helps so much with both my productivity and my mood.

6. Fresh Coat of Paint
Is your office a bland colour? Why not consider painting your office, or at least a feature wall? It’s a quick, relatively inexpensive way to completely transform the room. If your office is not well lit, I suggest sticking to a lighter colour as it will make it feel more airy. If you have big windows, then you can be a little bolder with the colour. Try to choose a colour that feels comfortable to you, but also a colour that makes you feel positive and upbeat – because that’s exactly how you want to feel when you’re trying to smash your next deadline!

Investing in your office is really choosing to invest in yourself and your career. Implement a few of these simple office changes and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy being at work – at least a little more than before!

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