Hosted PBX Phone Systems for Small Business

Small businesses these days need every edge they can get in order to be competitive. This means hiring the best they can afford, training them well, and supplying them with the tools they need to excel at their jobs. Tools tend to be related to technology, and the right ones position employees to do the work of what used to take twice their numbers.

Having the right technology tools these days, is not a luxury, it is a requirement. The best approach for a small business technology tools, is getting those that can cost effectively make them more competitive with larger companies. With this in mind, one of the best for any small business is a hosted PBX phone system. The benefits that it can bring to a small business are numerous and impactful. Here are a few of those benefits:

Cost Effective to Purchase

Phone systems have been notoriously expensive to install primarily because of the equipment that must be purchased and housed at your office location. You must purchase the entire unit and anticipate the potential growth of the company and its phone needs when the unit is installed in order to ensure that the right unit is purchased and the proper wiring and related equipment is on hand. The business must also purchase all of the phone system’s related wiring and each phone unit which can run into the hundreds of dollars per unit. Additionally the business must hire a technician to install the phone system which will be an expensive all day job.

Hosted PBX systems do not have any of these issues. No phone system is installed in your office and only lower cost handsets and a router are placed on site. Installation is fast and you buy only the particular service you need, lowering initial costs considerably.

Easy Set-Up and Moving

Typical set-up for a traditional PBX phone system is time consuming. It must be performed by an expensive technician and requires a dedicated phone room or area to place the system where its extensive wiring can be placed.

Hosted PBX phone systems have an extremely fast set-up time of usually no more than an hour or two. The system allows you to connect phones directly to a standard computer network. You do not need any phone wiring and adding extensions is easy.

If you want to move the system there is no phone system to move you only need to grab your hand sets and the router and reconnect it at your new location. You can also keep your telephone numbers.

Low Maintenance Costs

The maintenance of your hosted PBX system is handled by the provider and so you have no need for an on-site maintenance person. A hosted PBX system resides in the cloud, with multiple redundancies built into the network, and is managed full-time by a dedicated IT staff. This is all included in the price of the service, so you will not incur any additional maintenance costs.

They Grow With Your Business

A big downside when you purchase a traditional PBX phone system is that you company can outgrow it. Guess wrong about your needs when you purchase one, and you either pay for too much phone system or put yourself in a position where you will have to purchase another one in the future.

Hosted PBX systems are designed to grow with your business. There is no additional hardware to purchase other than handsets and all upgrades are handled by the provider at their offices. So you pay for the exact amount of phone system you need. You can add or remove additional features at any time ensuring that if some dynamic new phone feature becomes available, it will be available to you without having to purchase a new phone system.

A hosted PBX phone system is a front-line tool for small businesses, ensuring that they can compete with much larger businesses.

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