Amazing food and drinks deals before Christmas

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but… it’s Christmas!!! Yes, dust off the giant roasting tin, because the season of goodwill is upon us!

In the weeks (or months for you organised lot among us) leading up to the main event, savvy shoppers spend hours researching where to get the best deals for those special gifts. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve realised I don’t give the same level of scrutiny to the prices of the food and drink I buy. With the average UK family predicted to spend £174 on food and drink for Christmas Day alone this year, maybe it’s time I did some digging…

There are some great money saving tools available at MySupermarket. This site features a basket comparison tool, allowing you to see where you’ll get the best deal on your Christmas food shop. You can view the latest top offers, and suggested alternative ‘swap and save’ items. There’s a handy app for checking costs while you’re on the go and you can even sign up for cashback on some of your purchases. Best of all, MySupermarket reckon that their customers save an average of 30%.


Of course, for many of us, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a festive tipple. Whether your poison is something bubbly while cooking dinner, or a couple of beers to make that annoying relative a bit more bearable, there are some great deals to be had. For wine deals, Wines Direct do all of the hard work. Their handy site helps you search, compare and save on some corking (groan! Sorry!) deals, with savings of an average 35%. Their money saving tools include searching by wine type, supermarket, and trending offers, as well as showing available voucher codes. If craft beers or spirits are more your thing, Flavourly are a drinks membership club that are currently running great offers for new subscribers, such as 70% off craft beers – a great price for stocking up the fridge.

Although HotUKDeals are well known for their retailer discount codes and alerts, they do have a really useful grocery section; a quick glance today has showed up great deals on lager, coffee, salmon, vodka.. you name it, it’s on there. Links to vouchers and delivery discounts are also there, making it a bit of a one-stop shop.

If you’re taking turns with family or friends over the the festive season (which is really sensible; save money and have a day off from doing the dishes) it’s worth checking for discounts on bulk purchases. Wholesalers such as Costco can offer substantial savings if you’re splitting the goods and the cost.

Something that can be really satisfying at Christmas is buying locally. Buying food and drink close to the source means you are getting fresh produce and cutting out transport costs. It’s beneficial to the planet, you save money, and you support a local business at a time of year when they need it most. Warm and fuzzy feelings all round!

Happy hunting for those Christmas food and drink deals. Who knows, maybe with the money you save, you can treat yourself in the January sales…

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