The Best Themes for Your New Year’s Eve Party

If you don’t fancy braving the cold, waiting in long queues or pushing through crowds this New Year’s Eve, you should consider throwing your own party to open the new year. It can help you keep the costs down when making your plans and you can keep things interesting by setting a theme for your festive gathering. Here are three ideas for themes to help you ring in 2017 with a bang.

Great Gatsby Party

Recreate the prohibition era by throwing a 1920s Great Gatsby Party. Ask your guests to follow a dress-code that can involve flapper dresses, cloche hats, silk pinstripe suits and braces.

Transform your home into speakeasy, where the aim is to dance and have a good time. You want to create a secretive and intimate vibe so decorate your room with lush velvet fabrics and faux fur. Place a few lamps and candles around the room for low, subdued lighting and play silent films or a playlist in the background to set the mood.

Fill your bathtub with water and ice to keep your drinks cold, emulating the bathtub liquor of the prohibition era. Serve a variety of cocktails for an authentic 1920s prohibition party, such as Mint Juleps and Old Fashioned cocktails.


Masquerade Ball

If you have plenty of space in your home, or if you’re hoping to hire a room for your New Year’s Eve party, why not make an impact by throwing a lavish masquerade ball.

Set the mood with the décor – plenty of candles in elegant candelabras, silk or velvet drapes and impressive centrepieces are all perfect for an elegant ball. Ask your guests to dress to impress and most importantly, to mask their identity.

Don’t serve mini pizzas and chips – offer a feast of delicious fancy finger foods to follow the theme. Even consider a chocolate fountain with strawberries and cake served on the side – a ball is all about decadence, after all!


80s Disco

An 80s Disco party is a theme that embraces everything bright, colourful and tacky. Dim your lights and transform your living room into a club with some colourful LED lights, which you can buy from Barrier Components.

The 80s is an era full of songs guaranteed to get the party going. Pump up the volume on your 80s disco playlist and dance the night away with glow sticks, UV paint and inflatable neon guitars. Serve plenty of nibbles for your guests to grab and go so they can head straight back to your living room dancefloor.

This year, throw a New Year’s Eve party to remember. Open 2017 in style and use one of our top three themes to throw a party that your guests will be talking about for months to come.

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