Working With DAD For Locating And Removing Technical Debt

Technical debt is mainly associated with disciplined agile delivery. DAD helps in promoting explicit and full delivery lifecycle, which comes handy with multiple opportunities to first avoid creating new technical debt, and address the existing one in an appropriate manner. In case, you are planning to deal with technical debt and how well it is related to DAD, then certain points might come handy for you. It starts with a bit of front thinking. It helps in identifying the initial technical strategy. By going through the critical technical issues even before implementing the solution, you might get the opportunity to avoid technical strategy, which has to be reworked at future date.

More points to consider:

The best way to deal with technical debt is by avoiding the same, on the first place, just like any other debt issues. You can even try to get help from explicit architecture owner. AP is general term is defined to be on disciplined agile team, which is held responsible for guiding team through some technical decisions, particularly at the level of architecture level. AOs are mostly used for mentoring other members in design skills. These skills are used to help in avoiding injecting some new technical debt into environment. These are likely to be the lookout for some existing tech debt. Here, he appropriate motivator will work hard to address technical debt when the right time comes.

Always be enterprise aware:

All the disciplined agile teams are known to be enterprise aware. They might have to realize what needs to be done to leverage and further enhance the ecosystem of the entire organization. They are ready to work close with the reuse or asset teams and the enterprise architectural ones. The assets over here, comprises of patterns, codes, templates, services, guidelines and anything else, which is worthy of reusing later. Another major important way to avoid technical debt is by reusing current assets and not rebuy or rebuild something, which you have done already.

Try to refactor technical debt:

DAD is here to offer you with the guidance for times, when you need to apply multiple forms of refactoring. This package comprises of database refactoring, code refactoring, UI refactoring and more. These are quite small, like renaming operation or dividing database column. On the other hand, rework is mainly substantive and needs to be planned explicitly. It is the duty of the architecture owner to negotiate with the rework oriented items with the said product owner.

Other ventures to eye on:

There are multiple tools available and used for assessing code quality and even database schema. There are some disciplined agile teams available, which comprises of tools n CI strategy. When you know where the technical debt exists is considered to be the first step in removing the same. You even get the opportunity to measure technical debt. Organizations with some serious technical debt find it easy to measure and analyze it with the tool. They are even going to work hard to keep eyes on current trends. You get the opportunity to check online and choose track code quality metrics, followed by time to address defects and usability metrics.

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