5 Inventions that are going to Change Fire Safety Systems Forever

A lot of progress has been made in the fire safety industry in the last couple of years. New and improved technologies make fighting and preventing fires much easier than ever before. These new technologies can be seamlessly integrated into your existing fire safety system to improve it and make you and your employees safer.

To be able to rely on your fire safety system you still need to have a company like Red Truck Fire & Safety Company regularly check the sprinklers, alarm systems, recharge your fire extinguishers, etc.

The same is true for these new systems as well. However, these new systems we are going to be talking about use the tested formula of today’s fire safety systems, but expand on their flaws, making fighting, preventing and escaping fires much easier than ever before. Here are 5 most exciting fire safety system innovations.

Water Mist Fire Systems

Fire sprinklers are an essential piece in any fire safety system. But they are not without flaws. They can often break down due to various reasons, as you can learn here: http://www.redtruckfireco.com/common-fire-sprinkler-system-deficiencies.html

That’s where water mist fire systems come in. These safety systems operate on a principle similar to traditional fire sprinklers, but with a twist. Instead of using large drops of water to suppress the fire, these systems disperse a water mist to extinguish the fire.

Since the droplets are fine and extremely small, these systems can produce more of them faster. The water is converted to steam faster and cools the fire, putting it out more effectively than traditional systems.

Another benefit of these systems for homeowners and business owners alike is that this system minimizes the water damage after the fire has been put out. These systems can be installed in a single area or can cover a larger area, like a room or a storage facility. Water mist can also fight electrical fires, making the system much more versatile.

Video Smoke Detector

A Video Image Smoke Detector or VISD uses cameras to identify the fire visually. This system can give you an exact origin of the fire. Once the system detects fire or smoke on a camera it triggers the alarm system. It uses variables like contrast, motion, brightness and saturation to detect any changes in the environment that could indicate a fire.

These systems are ideal for storage facilities with high ceilings, since traditional fire detectors may not always be reliable. Since they are usually placed high up, the smoke may not even reach them due to airflow. On the other hand, a VISD covers a larger area from the floor to the ceiling and covers every angle of the room. Additionally, it uses visuals to detect the origin of the fire and does not depend on the airflow at all.

Exit Point Audio Notifier

Exit signs are an extremely important part of the fire safety system, but are limited in one regard: they rely on sight to guide the employees to safety. However, since vision tends to be impaired if the smoke becomes too thick, these signs may not always be visible.

Enter Notifier Exit Point.

This system uses an audio signal to guide people to safety. Exit Point notifier uses directional sound devices that make it easy to pinpoint the exit using audio pointers emitted at different frequency bands in the human hearing spectrum. In case of a fire, a speedy evacuation is crucial, and this device can reduce evacuation times up to 75%, as the manufacturer’s official website claims.

Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher

While this system is still a prototype, the implications of its development are enormous. This system developed by two students at the George Mason University uses sound waves to separate the source of fire from the oxygen, and without it, the fire dies. Their first prototype is a hand-held, bulky device that can put out small fires, making it ideal for home use.

However, the system is still not able to handle hot fires since it lacks a coolant, meaning that a fire could reignite on hot surfaces. However, this technology still has a lot of potential. Due to its compact nature, it can be paired with drones for an easier access to otherwise inaccessible fires. Even if it is still a work in progress, this technology has an enormous potential and could save a lot of lives when perfected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A company called Birdi introduced a revolutionary invention that monitors the air quality and alerts the user if there’s an increase in carbon monoxide levels. The technology is smart, meaning it can use a wireless connection to send detailed air quality analysis to your phone. The system can also call a first respondent via a landline in case of a fire. It can quickly detect fast or slow burning fires. Even if the Wi-Fi connection is broken, Birdi still works as a regular smoke and carbon monoxide detector and alarm.

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