5 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Own Funeral

No one really wants to talk about their own funeral, it’s a little morbid to think about our own deaths. But the truth is, it’s a natural part of life, as natural as birth and it will happen to us all at some point. As such, I think it’s better to be prepared, financially and emotionally, so that when the time comes your funeral can be arranged without financial stress and also appropriately as to keep your family members content. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for your own funeral:

1. Cost
Funerals tend to be very expensive, especially when the death is not expected. This can place a large financial strain on families who should be able to take their time to focus on the emotional strain of losing a loved one. Preparing financially for your funeral is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family members as it will allow them a little piece of mind during a hard and painful time in their lives.

2. Style of funeral
Do you have any strong feelings about being buried or cremated? It’s important to discuss these ahead of time so your closet family members can keep these things in mind when preparing your funeral. If you are neutral on the style of funeral, perhaps leave it up to a close family member to decide if they have a strong preference.

3. Style of Memorial
Do you want a special memorial headstone? Did you know that you can buy a memorial headstone ahead of time, choose the wording and have it ‘ready’ when needed. This is a smart option if you know that your time is near or if you want to remove the stress from your beloved family members.

4. Will You be an Organ Donor?
Donating organs is a wonderful thing to do, especially if your body is healthy. So many people pass away each year needlessly because they’re unable to find a donor match, so if you’re able to donate and it does not interfere with your religious beliefs, please consider giving someone else the gift of life.

5. Special Requests
Do you want your funeral to have a specific religious tone? Is there anything important that happens to you in your passing? Creating a will is a great way to ensure that your estate will be properly cared for and bestowed in your absence, but it’s also important to keep things clear about how you want your funeral to go. A little forward planning now can save a lot of headache in the future and ensure you get the send-off you feel is appropriate.

No one likes to think about their own death, but being prepared now can ensure the grieving process is a little easier for your family members.

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